Leeds want to sign Keogh on a permanent

According to an article in the Yorkshire Evening Post Leeds have made enquiries about the signing fee for Wolves striker Andy Keogh.

Funny enough the article writer calls the 24-year-old frontman an ‘old boy’ and  seem to be surprised that the asking price for the battle hardened Premier League striker – who played very well before he was injured last season – is over £1 million.

I would be equally surprised if this deal will pull through. I’m not sure at all that Mick McCarthy is willing to let Keogh go all together. An ideal would be to let him out on loan until January to a Championship club and then assess the situation in Wolves and the form of Keogh.

I like Andy Keogh and believe that he could be a very good Premier League striker – or midfielder – in the future. To let him go to Leeds for peanuts would certainly be something for Wolves to regret in the future. To lend him to Donny is a much better alternative (see HERE) if not keeping him among the 25.



~ by paddytheflea on July 9, 2010.

9 Responses to “Leeds want to sign Keogh on a permanent”

  1. You ever thought the ‘old boy’ reference refers to the fact he used to be on the books at Leeds?? Hence ‘old boy’, not refering to his age!!

  2. they call him an ‘old boy’ because he is a leeds old boy, he used to be a leeds united player, not because of his age

  3. Er, the reason he is called an ‘old boy’ is because he came through our youth team, but a certain Blackwell enjoyed signing old men and he was allowed to leave cheaply without an opportunity.

  4. Quote : Funny enough the article writer calls the 24-year-old frontman an ‘old boy’

    Andy Keogh started at Leeds United when he was 16, he was on Leeds books 2003-2005 but never made the first team starting line up and was sold in 2005.

  5. er old boy is because he can through our youth system just like milner,lennon,delph,woodgate,micheal rose,robinson,alan smith,we were a premeir league club long before you ever were

    • We were a club – and a first tier club at that – long before Leeds United were formed, kev!

      But let’s not dwell at that. Andy Keogh is a very good footballer today and I would hate if we sold him. His way of play can be described as similar to that of Dirk Kuyt and it would not surprise me if he will reach the same fame as the Dutch star.

  6. Dirk Kuyt is a workhourse, pure and simple though he once offered a little more. Sure would like Keogh back but he may not be what we need at the minute as Becchio does most of the donkey work and we really require a pacey finisher to replace Jermaine.

    • I believe you are right, HeadLiner. Maybe that Hooper guy would be something for you?! I could mention our striker Ebanks-Blake as well, but I want. 😆 He is absolutely not for sale!

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