Is Sylvan moving to the Seaside?

There have been rumours for some time now that the Wolves Golden Boot winner Sylvan Ebanks-Blake is off to Blackpool. How true can they be?

The blog EatSleepSport have it that there is an offer from the Seasiders to get him signing for £2.5 million. In my opinion that is far from what our young accomplished striker is worth. We even bought him for more when he only had Championship experience. And if Ebanks-Blake has a buying-out clause – like he had at the time we signed him – it will amount to much more than that.

In my opinion Blackpool does not have the cash nescessary to buy out Sylvan and I’m leaning towards that this rumour is nothing but speculation from some blogs. I believe that Blackpool are searching for some more affordable deals. Like Hooper from Scunthorpe.

So the answer to my own question is that Sylvan will not watch the ships role in at the pier this season. Hopefully he will watch his shots role in instead. In black and old gold! 😆



~ by paddytheflea on July 10, 2010.

9 Responses to “Is Sylvan moving to the Seaside?”

  1. SEB never found his shooting boots last season and missed some good chances for goals towards the end of the season when he was fit. If Blackpool were to take him on loan, with a call back clause for us, then I think this would be a good idea. This would give him more playtime in the Prem to learn and sharpen up his game, and hopefully his goal tally. This of cause means we would need to keep Keogh or buy another forward, or we could still just use the 4-5-1 if Fletcher or Doyle got injured, or if a very serious injury to either bring back Seb on the call back clause.

    • I don’t believe that to be a good idea, Steve. SEB was injured last season and in my opinion he was brought back to play too early when he didn’t have the pace to cope and he lost his confidence. Now it’s a new season and I believe he will be like a new signing for us. I believe he could compete with Fletcher as a striker and we could even use Fletcher as a winger and Doyle and SEB as strikers. And I do believe that McCarthy want let him go – not even on loan. In form he can score at least ten goals a season.

  2. Hope this is nothing but paper talk. I believe there is a strong chance that a fit Sylvan will be a great striker option this year. People who write him off seem to easily forget his past goalscoring achievements and his injury problems early last season. Hopefully in a slightly more balanced Wolves squad this season that now doesn’t have to rely entirely on Doyle, Sylvan will come good. I certainly want to see him given another chance.

    • I totally agree, Raph. The difference is not that great between scoring in the Champs and Premier. the difference was SEB:s injury last season.

  3. I do hope that SEB stays with us, he is a very good player and I believe he will be back to his best this season.

  4. I’m afraid that sylvan will be an option from the bench this season as fletcher and doyle will be the main strikers. both are hard working which is something lacking in sylvans game. he puts himself in the right area’s for goal but will never track back and put in a shift for the team like doyler.

    • I agree that SEB is a competely different player to Fletcher and Doyle, Rob. He is an out and out striker and – as you write – he does not do much and effective backtracking. But a multi goalscoring striker tend to not bother with that. The question is if Wolves can afford that kind of player. Last season we definately didn’t. Maybe we do this season?! The danger – as I see it -is that McCarthy will turn him into a ‘grafter’ and that he will lose out on his goalscoring capabilities. That might be a reason for SEB to turn his back to Wolves and search for a team that will let him be a first and foremost striker.

  5. If I remember rightly, and my research is correct, the buyout for SEB from Plymouth was £1.5m.
    ( or ( would back me up on this.
    I would much rather see him stay with the Wolves and produce the goal that we know he can. You were correct to say he was injured at the start of last season and perhaps brought back too quickly. But because of missing part of pre-season he never developed a relationship with Doyle on field, and that is something you do not have time to do when you are battling at the lower reaches of the EPL. With Fletch now battling for a place, I think the 3 of them will produce more goals next year – provided they can all stay fit – whoever of them is in the XI. Keogh works hard, but has never really had the shooting boots ( I think a loan at Donny would do him good), and Vokes still has a lot to learn. It’s just a shame to hear on the official website that Mick is not looking for a right winger… (read the Keeping The Teamsheets! article)…

    • Hopefully Kights will be O-K when the season starts, MaxWolf. And if SEB playes with Doyler at top, Fletcher can take the right wing spot.
      I guess I’m blinded by the fast raise of the player fees that Wolves paid lately. Mind boggling, really. But SEB says himself that he will be a £7 million player soon. If he puts in ten this season he will.

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