McCarthy rubbish Andy Keogh Leeds United rumour and wants David Jones to stay

Mick McCarthy today spoke to the press about rumours concerning David Jones and Andy Keogh leaving Wolves.

About Jones leaving he said to the Official Wolves Site:

I haven’t heard anything from anyone (other clubs), not a scratch. Dave Bowman told me about it on Sunday because I didn’t read a paper so he gave me all the gossip. I want Dave to stay. He’s got a year left on his contract and it’s the same as where we were inMarch – we’re trying to sort something out. Hopefully that will get done. I think it will be sorted out fairly quickly. We love having him and we want him to stay and be part of the squad.”

Whether Wolves and Mick McCarthy wants Andy Keogh to stay is a little bit more unclear. The Official Wolves Site:

Mick has previously stated that Keogh is available to the right offer given his desire for regular football, but has repeated it must the right offer and certainly not on loan.

According to one rumour on the net the asking price for Keogh is £2.5 million. According to another it’s £1.5 million.

Mick continues on the Official Wolves Site about the Leeds United rumour:

“I’ve not heard anything from Leeds, nothing, and Simon Grayson (the manager of Leeds United) is my pal.”

And about the Doncaster Rovers statements:

And I haven’t spoken to Sean O’Driscoll manager of Donny). I spoke to Mickey Walker, their Director of Football, because he is my mate. I had a conversation with him and we were talking about players. With them just signing Billy Sharp I think it is one of those which would be nice to do. It would be great (for them) to do, wouldn’t it?! “

About the squad size and loaning players out:

There’s no chance of him going out on loan. What would be the benefit to us? We have to have a squad of 25 players, I had 20 training out there yesterday, so I haven’t even got my squad of 25. Loaning players out? No. Clearly, if we get to a squad of 25 players before the end of the transfer window then somebody is not going to be in my squad. If I then tell him he is not going to be in my squad then I think it will be beneficial for him and for us to go out on loan. But that’s not the case yet.

McCarthy also tells Birmingham Mail:

I think he (Keogh) will want to stay in the Premiership. He was our best player at the start of last season. And as I tell all the players, the team that started last season didn’t finish it. It’s a moveable feast, it is not set in stone. So if they (Doncaster) want to do something, they’ve got to contact me. Not contact me and ask: “Is he available because we know he is”, they’ve to contact me and say “We want him and we want to bid X” – that’s how it goes. If they don’t then nothing will happen. As for the fee? That’s not for me to decide.”

Clear as the Dudley Canal, eh? I guess that the 25 squad rule is causing some trouble to the teams in the Premier League. It is hard to estimate at this point how many players there will be left when the season starts.

As for Keogh I truly believe he wants to stay in Wolves and I also believe that he has a good chance to grab a place among the 25.

As for Donny I don’t believe that they have the means to sign him on a permanent. They just splashed their cash in a record signing of Billy Sharp. But they may have a small chance to take him on loan, if the squad of Wolves is too big at ‘D-day’ – if I’ve understood Mick correctly.

I’m happy that McCarthy rubbish the Leeds United rumour. And there doesn’t seem to be any others (yet) that has come forward wanting Andy’s services. It now looks like he will stay on at Wolves. I’m glad. 😆

Regarding David Jones I believe that the rumours about not less than three clubs wanting him is a way by his agents to up his salary before the contract talks. Not an unusual tactics among them, as I understand it. Moxey is too sly to buy such a tactics, I’m sure. I’m glad Jones will stay at Wolves as well. He was one of the pillars in the team when he finally got the chance to take part in the action last season.

So. It still looks good, brothers and sisters! The future is so bright that I’ve got to wear (Black and Old Gold) shades!



~ by paddytheflea on July 13, 2010.

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