Doyler will be a player for us unless someone offers the sun, moon and stars

Manager Mick McCarthy gave a press conference from the Wolves squads head quarters at Carton House, Kildare, yesterday.

The focus was, of course, on the Irish players in the team. Especially on the fabulous striker Kevin Doyle.

I don’t think there’s any doubt that he’ll stay. Has there been an approach from Arsenal? No. So write ‘Mick denies there’s been any approach from Arsenal,’ if you like. I can’t be any straighter than what I’m saying: Doyler will be a player for us unless someonecomes in and offers the sun, moon and stars. And if that happens – and fingers crossed it doesn’t – then we’ll just have to get on with it.

And it’s amazing – when he said recently that he was pledging his future to Wolves it suddenly caused a stir. When the reality is that all he’s saying it for is to get everybody off his back, leave him alone and let him play his football. If Man United come in and offer the club 50 mill and give him 200 grand a week, I can’t keep him. And I’ll have to say ‘Thanks, Kev, all the best, see ya’. But his value is immeasurable.

About Stephen Ward and his injury. Ward is back in training and anxious to return to competitive action, reports the Irish Examiner:

He is as good a piece of business as we’ve ever done. He’s unbelievable Wardy – the times he’s played when too many other people wouldn’t have. He’s tough. He came in one Sunday with nine stitches in his shin and said, ‘I’ll play Tuesday, gaffer’. Didn’t think for one minute that he would, but he did.

On the press conference McCarthy also talked about Stephen Hunt and his injury(from the Irish Examiner):

I said to him that we were looking at the end of September/beginning of October and he said the beginning of September. I said to him, ‘I prefer your version but we’re more than likely to stick with mine’.

Mick also talked about his own career and a possible comeback to international management:

Maybe I should get my own back on Trap ‘cos he keeps saying Doyle should get a bigger club (laughing). Yes I loved the job, I did. But don’t assume, because I don’tassume, that it would be the Republic of Ireland again. Two years ago I was offered South Korea – and I was that close to taking it — but I didn’t take it because I wanted to stay and get a club into the Premiership. And that worked out alright. But, yes, I would consider it (international management) again.”

I hope these statements about Doyle by manager McCarthy will make some gossip makers to understand that Doyler is going nowhere. The supporters already knows that. And I don’t believe that Mick will go international either. He has a job to do at Wolves for years to come.

It looks like Wardy will be ready for action to the start of the season.  And we don’t have to wait too long for Hunt either. Good!

Wolves will play the former club of Stephen Ward – Bohemians – on Saturday at 3.00 pm. I will of course write about the match.


~ by paddytheflea on July 16, 2010.

One Response to “Doyler will be a player for us unless someone offers the sun, moon and stars”

  1. Thank you Paddy!

    Will the Bohemians game be covered in any way? Live updates? Radio stream?

    Greetings from Norway 🙂

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