The Hoff could soon be off!

According to German sources the Wolves striker Stefan Maierhofer is close to join the second tier team MSV Duisburg.

The manager of The Hoff, Hagmayer, is flying to England today to discuss terms for Wolves to release the tall guy. Duisburg is apparently not a rich club, but they have a manager that have managed The Hoff before.

Eventually they will take the tallest player of the Premier League on loan with an option to buy, but Wolves wants to sell him off permanently.

The German site believes that Sheffield United still are interested to sign the Hoff, but the same goes for them. No funds to buy with.

Let’s hope Wolves have a deal. It is said that we have to sell to be able to buy and that Guirane N’Daw is about to sign for Wolves. If Wolves are able to sell Maierhofer there will be a possibility to sign N’Daw from S:t Etienne.


~ by paddytheflea on July 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Hoff could soon be off!”

  1. He is no longer the leagues tallest player I don’t think.

    I believe Zigic of Birmingham is taller

  2. Well thats £1.8M down the pan then!

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