Mancienne has handed in a transfer request from ChelseaFC

The Sunday Express today writes that Michael Mancienne – out on loan from Chelsea to Wolves the last two seasons – has asked for a transfer to rescue his future as a top footballer.

Let’s hope the rumour has substance and the talented England International soon will sign on a permanent for Wolves. The rumoured fee for the central defender and defensive midfielder is said to be £4 million. But as the amounts are usually exaggerated by the media I believe that it will be less than that when it comes to print. If it does.

The paper is discussing the ‘Mancienne-case’ as a problem with British football in general. Young domestic talents gets too little playing time in the big teams because of the globalisation of the sport and does not get the chance to develop into top National footballers.

I can only agree to that conclusion and I hope that Chelsea will take their part of responsibility for the  good of English football and development of the future England team and let Mancienne join Wolves.



~ by paddytheflea on July 25, 2010.

4 Responses to “Mancienne has handed in a transfer request from ChelseaFC”

  1. i think mancienne can see that he as developed his game by playing with wolves and that he would become an even better player playing regular football with us.
    i can see him signing for us but we have still got to sell alot of deadwood to sell.

  2. Would love to see him back at Wolves on a permanent basis. He really matured in the 2nd half of the season and should what a versitile player he is.

  3. A great player – a future full England international.

    Feels expensive if price quoted in press is accurate.

    He gets better with every game he plays for the Wolves.

    Sign him up ! Sign him up ! Sign him up !

  4. IMO we would be fortunate to land Mancienne for £4M.

    It is worth bearing in mind he is still only 22 and I have a feeling Chelsea will be looking for at least £5M…

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