Wolves victorious against Cheltenham

With players like Keogh and Milijas in the starting eleven the youth-sign above may be a bit misleading, but it was the team named ‘Wolverhampton XI who played Cheltenham away tonight.

The starting eleven probably was formed like this:

——— Hahnemann ——-
McGroary – Mouyokolo – Hill – Malone
Mujangi Bia – Davis (c) – Milijas – Winnall
——- Keogh – Vokes ——

I was not at the game, but have gathered information from Cheltenham sites, so I will only report some Wolves ‘highlights’.

After ten minutes Wolves got a free-kick close to the area and Milijas takes it. He curled the ball close over.

After 25 minutes Vokes fired over at the turn.

After 28 minutes McGroary found Keogh, who curled a fine shot from 20 yards into the upper right corner.

The Cheltenham keeper stretched all his length, but couldn’t reach it. A nice one from Keogh!

Vokes and Keogh are reported to be ‘a handful’ for the Cheltenham defence.

At the end of the first half Vokes had a couple of chances to score, but without luck (or precision?).

Keogh was substituted by Hemmings for the second half.

Malone crossed and Vokes headed the ball but the young Cheltenham keeper made a good save after five minutes played of the second half.

Milijas broke through into the box after ten minutes, but his shot was blocked by the former Wolves player Keith Lowe.

Nathan Rooney came in for Dave Davis after 66 minutes.

Closely after that Hahnemann dropped a ball after a shot and a Cheltenham player hits the upright with an open goal to his disposal.

Danny Batth came in for Moyokolo after 71 minutes.

Shortly after Hemmings shoots, but the Cheltenham keeper palms it away.

A chance for Cheltenham. A cross from Watkins, but Lee headed it over.

Mujangi Bia goes out after 78 minutes and Dunleavy takes his place.

Hahnemann made a double save after a double challenge by Lowe.

A Lee header again. This time it goes wide.

Hemmings made a couple of good runs after 80 minutes, but they result in nothing.

Cheltenham were playing better in this half than in the first – or maybe the legs started to ache among the Wolves players because of the hard pre-season training?!

Anyway. The match ended 1-0 to Wolves and it’s hard to estimate how the players did do from the reports available at the moment. But I wanted to try a fast report of the essentials this time. After all there’s a more important match tomorrow against Leeds.

About 220 Wolves supporters travelled to Cheltenham. Please comment on the match! How did Moyokolo do, for instance?!


~ by paddytheflea on July 30, 2010.

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