Analysis and clips: Leeds United v Wolves


Sorry that I’ve not been posting any articles lately. Sometimes I have to do other things, you know.

Anyway. Wolves was severely beaten on Saturday by Leeds United. Three goals to one with many of our supposed starters on the pitch. Two of the goals were the result of individual errors.

Watch for instance how Karl Henry makes it difficult instead of doing it simple when Gradel comes through before one of the Leeds goals.

And how Greg Halford misses to mark the Leeds player at a set piece before another goal.

But the real reason for the Leeds domination against Wolves really was that they played 4-5-1 against our 4-4-2 on the night. McCarthy recognised that and said that he probably would have matched their formation if it had been a league game.

So maybe that match served as a good reminder on just how important it is that we use the right formation and tactics in the Premier League. I believe that McCarthy was quite good at that already last season – and that he has learned a lot – so I’m not too worried.

One thing to be a little worried about, though, is that Van Damme does not seem to have the pace and skills necessary to combat fast and skilfulwingers like Gradel of Leeds. Maybe our left back problems will continue?! (You can watch Van Damme struggle and other things in two longer highlights if you scroll down to the links in the right margin)

But the problem to defend against fast wingers is something every team wrestles with. The trick is of course cooperation between the left back and a midfielder (and/or central defender).

So the conclusion is that both players and manager can learn from the clash against Leeds, but after that is done the match is best forgotten.



~ by paddytheflea on August 4, 2010.

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