Injuries hits Wolves

I thought Doyle didn’t play today because of the match with Ireland next week but it is now announced that he is injured.

He got a kick on his calf in the match against Hearts and it is sore, but probably not a serious injury. He will attend a scan when in Ireland to check that everything is alright.

Stephen Ward also picked up an injury in play today against Bilbao. It was in a clash with Spanish forward Lopez. It is his shoulder that’s injured, but Mick McCarthy said after the game that it was a precaution to take him off early on in the match.

So it is a good guess that both of them will be injury free and ready to play next Saturday.



~ by paddytheflea on August 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “Injuries hits Wolves”

  1. Shame about Steven Ward, shame his injury isnt a serious 1, this is 1 player that isnt good enuf for the doctor martins league, never mind the premiership.

    • We’ll know better this eason if he plays regularly, but imo that is harsh! Ward had been playing most of last season with an injury remember.
      More worrying is the injury to Doyle. Official site says if ok will join up with Ireland squad but if not will come back. So if that’s the case lets hope it’s the former shall we?

    • He’s still better than you mate.

      Hopefully Doyle’s injury is enough of a concern to keep him out of the Irish team, and thus risking further injury, but is fit and raring to go by Saturday.

  2. It’s not harsh for a Wolves “fan?” to ay that – it is a disgrace, adeyp you are not and never will be a true Wolves fan because true fans do not wish for their players to be injured – the second word is OFF – go and —- off to the tesco team and support them.

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