Last call for Chelsea FC player Mancienne

The manager of Chelsea FC, Carlo Ancelotti, today said that it is time to take a decision on the future of Michael Mancienne. He said to the reporter of their official site:

Michael Mancienne is training with us now and he is here. We have to consider him as a Chelsea player. Now he is here and I don’t know if for him it is better, we will take a decision maybe next week about his situation.”

I still believe that Wolves and McCarthy is interested in Mancienne, but I’m not at all sure that Michael himself will chose to play for Wolves. The homegrown rule makes his situation at Chelsea slightly better – gives him better chances of getting playing time in their first team.

He will probably be sitting a lot on the bench if he stays, though. But the chances to play will come. And Mancienne has said to media on a number of occasions during the last two years that he wants to play for Chelsea firsthand.

And I’m not so sure that he wants to play as a defensive midfielder, as would surely be his position if he opts to play for Wolves. He has been schooled to play as a central defender and that role would probably be his in Chelsea.

In addition he would probably have a greater chance to be selected for the England team if he is a Chelsea player.

So there are a lot of factors that says to me that Michael Mancienne will take his chance and stay in the Premier League Champion London team. Aren’t there any factors that talks to him to sign for Wolves, then?

Well. Of course. He has a greater chance to play every week if he joins Wolves and maybe he more and more thinks of Wolves as his home club after two seasons on loan at the club?!

And maybe he believes that the more close leadership and camaraderie of McCarthy and the players suites him better than being a small fish in a big pond at Chelsea?!

Next week we will probably know what decision Mancienne will take. And I really think that it is his decision to take.

What is my personal opinion on Mancienne, then? I’m not among the big fans of his, but think that he is a decent player and will get better and better the coming years.

And he is well schooled into the Wolves style of playing and socially aswell. If Wolves could get him to sign for a not to big a fee – say around £3 million – I would say go for it.



~ by paddytheflea on August 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “Last call for Chelsea FC player Mancienne”

  1. If he’s wise Mancienne will leave it up to Ancelotti to say he’s going – it would mean Chelsea buying out his contract.

  2. Can’t agree, we need classy players like Michael,performances like at the Emirates were tops,never mind the price as we’ve already paid inflated prices for players that won’t reach his standard.Bring him in to the mighty WOLVES,anyway with his initials its got to be right.

  3. I would love it if we signed him permanently although I feel he would cost us at least £4M.

    Failing that I would settle for another season on loan!!

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