Doyle: I should have kept my mouth shut!

Doyle has now completed his scan in Ireland and there are no major problems with his calf. Nothing is broken.

So we can expect him to play for Ireland on Wednesday against Argentina.

Doyle said to the Official Wolves site:

I’d had a dead leg from the game against Hearts on Tuesday. And it dragged on a lot longer than I thought. It usually goes away after a couple of days but it hasn’t, which is a bit annoying. It stiffened right up after the game with Hearts and I was struggling and it hasn’t really improved since. I was only saying I hadn’t missed any games through niggles then I missed the Leeds friendly with a tight hamstring and now I’ve got a dead leg from the Hearts game. So I should have kept my mouth shut!!”

On the question about who should play on Saturday against Stoke he answered:

They (Ebanks-Blake/Fletcher) could definitely start the season, no doubt. Thankfully I don’t have to make those sort of decisions. If I’m fit and playing well, the manager has an option, if I’m not fit like Saturday, then he has an easy decision. It’s to do with who’s in form and I can’t say I’m going to be in form all season, or Fletcher for that matter either. I’m sure whoever’s looking good and sharp will play – that’s why we have those options.

Has Doyle got enough of rest this summer? He’s got married so maybe he is training the wrong way and the wrong muscle groups? 😆

Jokes aside I’m more and more inclined to believe that  it will be Fletcher and Ebanks-Blake that will start on Saturday. But it depends also on how long Doyle and Fletcher will be on the pitch against Argentina and Sweden respectively.

And – of course – if Doyle will feel anything of the injury after the Argentina game. Good luck to them both, though!



~ by paddytheflea on August 9, 2010.

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