Who is Jake Cassidy?

Cassidy scored after 16 minutes for Wolves against Telford, according to a scoresheet I found of the game on the net. (see HERE)

Who is this Cassidy, then, I asked myself? It appears that he is a trialist from the ‘Wingmakers’ or Airbus UK Broughton FC. But he moved there only in the summer from Llandudno Junction in the Welsh Alliance.

He has – since moving to the Wingmakers – made a hoard of scouts coming to watch him at the ‘Airfield’ (what else?) 😆  It has probably to do with that he has scored six goals in seven pre-season matches and that he is very mature in his game for a 17-year-old lad. He even scored against Everton!

Craig Harrison of Wingmakers about Cassidy:

Young Jake has done really well since coming to the Club, he has great ability and for a 17-year-old lad his strength is unbelievable, having had the privilege of being a professional myself I am delighted that Jake has such a great opportunity ,he will be looked after by a Premier League Club during his time there,

I will encourage him every step of the way, I am sure he will enjoy his week with Wolves and come back hungrier than ever to progress

Are they really sure that he will come back? Crewe, Notts County and Wrexham are also reported to be interested in him and – as a late ‘body-snatcher’ – the sh…Albions have placed themselves in line.

Maybe we are witnessing a rare occasion of ‘a star is born’ here. But I fully trust our talented scouts and McCarthy to be the judge of this and sign him if he is good enough and has the potential to grow together with the other lads in our Development team. But it certainly looks like he already has made a mark.

A telford fan on the net is reporting that his goal was ‘a superb solo-goal’.



~ by paddytheflea on August 10, 2010.

12 Responses to “Who is Jake Cassidy?”

  1. PTF, wondered if you could dig around and see whats happened to our wonder kid Zele Ishmail??

    • I always try to dig after news about our players, Wolvesone, but It’s hard to get news about our Academy players. They are well protected by the club from the media as the club wants as little exposure for them as possible in their early years. Somehow I think that is the right thing to do. The best thing is that they concentrate on developing as footballers and study hard and well.

      But I will report everything about Zele and everybody else that I can get my hands on.

  2. Might be another wayne rooney. or better.
    Sign him ,nothing to lose

  3. scored like 120 goals in the under 16s league tbf

  4. Get him sidned sharpish

  5. Apparantly according to the E&S, we’re negotiating a deal for him at the mo, he’s been withdrawn from the Airbus team for todays game.

  6. is he from wales or england?

    • He is born and bred in Wales, Norwayyy. And I’ve seen somewhere that there are more of the Cassidy’s who are good at playing football.

  7. I have played with Jake for a few seasons for a couple of our local sides. He is a very very good young player! In one season for Llandudno Town u17s he scored 92 goals, many of which were spectacular! The following season I played with him at Llandudno Junction u18s where we were the youngest side in the league. He didn’t play often as he was usually playing for the first team (where he would score in almost every game) but when he did play for us he would win games on his own. At the start of this season at the age of just 17 he signed for Welsh Premier side Airbus, for whom he scored 6 goals in 7 games, including goals against Everton and Wrexham. There have been a lot of big clubs interested in Jake and I hope he does wel at Wolves. He is big and strong but is technically very good too. He can dribble, score goals from inside and outside the box with ease and is great at set pieces! He has it all. And for those who are wondering he was born and does live in Wales.

    • Thank you for that ‘inside’ information about Jake Cassidy, george-herbert.

      I’m sure that Wolves will take good care of him. In our Development team he will get team mates who are at the same skill level as himself and they will certainly spur each other on and evolve as players. They will play in the Premier Reserves League this season and will play all of the PL teams reserves. That will make our youngster hardened. And they will also train with our first team often. I think he will come to enjoy this very much!

  8. i saved one of his penalties in g.c stadium- acre and what

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