A lousy deal by Moxey!

According to research done by Sporting Intelligence, the total for sponsorship deals on shirts for the 20 Premier League clubs adds up to about £100 million.

This is a record for the Premier League. It’s about £30 million better than last season, much because of new £20 million deals for Liverpool and Manchester United.

But seven clubs has deals worth less than £1 million a year – among them and last is the Wolves dal with Sportingbet that’s worth only £400.000 a year. (Sporting Intelligence has made a correction. Scroll down to the comments) You may ask yourself if our players shirts are not worth more than 1/50 of clubs like Pool and United as advertisement spots?!

Even freaking WBA gets £750.000 from their shirt sponsors. Jez Moxey simply must have made a very bad deal here. Of course I understand that the top clubs gets much better deals – but 50 times better? No way!

Wolves got supporters all over the globe who are also betting on sports. This blog is in itself witness of the worldwide Wolves interest. With now readers from 186 countries it proves to me that Sportingbet made a very good deal with having their name on are shirts. But Wolves must have made a lousy one.

So step it up, Jez! Re-negotiate the deal. I thought you were better at negotiating deals. Wolves are worth at least a tenth of the United and Liverpool deals. £2 million a year is decent, don’t you think. That means an extra player per season.


Jez Moxey (left). Plant seem to have issues with him too


~ by paddytheflea on August 13, 2010.

12 Responses to “A lousy deal by Moxey!”

  1. I’m not sure if this is correct, i’m pretty sure the club said the deal was worth a seven figure amount, I can’t for a second believe we have the worst deal in the prem.

    • Wolves gets a million a year from Burda – the shirt maker – but only £400.000 from Sportingbet. It’s correct. BBC’s got the same numbers.

  2. Never Mind, in the grand scheme of things 400k, or even 750k means nothing in the prem. Television rights and rich owners are all that keep modern clubs afloat and it must surely be our biggest concern to stay in the prem. The day of truth is nearly here and tomorrow will give us the first inkling as to whether we’re up for it or not.

    Why, when he clearly thrives on the right, are we planning on playing Jarvis on the left…??

  3. Quotes from Wolves and Sporting Bet both state a 7 figure sum over 2 years which means it must be more than the £400k quoted by the BBC. This deal was renegotiated this year so perhaps the BBC are quoting old figures.

  4. Wolves shirt deal for 2010-11 worth £1.1m, up £200,000 on last season

    By Nick Harris

    13 August 2010

    Wolverhampton Wanderers’ main shirt sponsorship for the 2010-11 Premier League season with the online gambling firm Sportingbet is worth £1.1m to the club, a year-on-year rise of £200,000 from last season’s £900,000, the club’s head of marketing and communications, Matt Grayson, has informed sportingintelligence today.

    In an article about the value of top-flight shirt deals for 2010-11, published on 29 July, here, we originally reported that Wolves deal was worth £400,000 for the coming season, and the same last season. Mr Grayson contacted us for the first time at shortly before 1pm today to say that earlier reported figure was far too low and that Wolves had earned more than £400,000 per year from their shirt deal even while still in the Championship.

    We are happy to make a swift correction, and welcome Wolves’ willingness to share this information.

    The amended figures for Wolves put the total shirt deal income for the League’s clubs in 2010-11 over the £100m mark, rather than just below it, evidence of the health of the world’s most popular football league even as recession continues to bite many sectors of business and industry.

    From Sporting Intelligence

    • Yes. Sporting Intelligence had to make a correction of their numbers after Paddytheflea publidshed them and the Wolves administration became aware of that they were wrong, apparently.

      In other words. To get to the truth Paddytheflea is well needed. 😆

      This means that the Wolves deal with Sportingbet now is worth £1.1 million a year. Much better, but still a poor deal, Moxey. Make it £2 million next season!

  5. http://www.sportingintelligence.com/2010/08/13/wolves-shirt-deal-for-2010-worth-1-1m-up-200000-on-last-season-130801/?

    Seems the beeb & others got it wrong.

  6. The worst shirt deals now are (according to Sporting Intellligence (hmm):

    Blackpool – £500,000
    Birmingham City – £600,000
    Wigan – £650,000
    Bolton – £750,000
    West Brom – £750,000

    So at least we are better off than WBA and Birmingham. Some comfort.

  7. You certainly got them jumping over this issue,Paddy.It is pleasing though that the deal is not so bad.On another issue I have just had a look at your very good stuff on Led Zepp.You say in 69 they didn’t make a big impression in the UK.From my memory the first album charted immediately and in the summer of’69 Led Zepp stole the show at the Bath Blues Festival.I was there,they came on mid afternoon and the next five acts,other than Roy Harper,had great difficulty following on from them.This gave the band massive publicity,and a big boost in the UK.

  8. Is it me or is this just another pop at Moxey for no real reason other than there is currently nothing else to write about?
    Moxey has done a very good job for Wolves. Especially working to find a new owner who is as good as Steve Morgan appears to be.
    Also, implementing the policy on just not commenting on transfers or fees and the lesson he learned from our previous Premiership promotion by getting business in the transfer market done as ealy as possible.
    As for Jarvo on the left, but thriving on the right. He was one of our best players last season and played the entire season on the left. Might make sense for him to stay there no? Just a hunch.

    • Sorry, Radaam, for my late answer. For some reason your entry ended up as spam – they usually only do that if you post a link to something.

      The thing is that i reacted on the numbers from ‘Sporting Intelligence’ that said Wolves had the worst shirt deal of all PL clubs. As I see it as part of my mission as a blogger and Wolves fan to revue not only how Wolves do on the pitch but also the financial side of the club when possible I reacted to it as a lousy deal and thought that a club like Wolves could have done better.

      But the club reacted to Sporting Intelligence numbers after I weote about it and corrected them. So it is true that we got a much better deal from the sponsors than I first mentioned. But couldn’t we do even better?

      I wrote even before the correction that £2 million would be a decent fee. Wolves gets £1.1m at the moment so there is in my opinion some way to go yet for Wolves to get a good deal. And £2m is still just 10 per cent of what Liverpool and ManU gets.

      Jarvo? Maybe it’s early days yet, but I believe he is equally good at left and right flank. When Kights and Jarvo played together they often changed wings between them confusing the opponents. That is probably the besst way to do it. I agree Jarvo was one of our best last season and I’m looking forward to the return of Kightly so they can relive their cross pitch cooperation. Good times at Wolves still to come! 😆

  9. I agree Chris that Led Zeppelin really made their name in the UK with their 1969 Bath Blues Festival performance. However album wise they made their breakthrough with Led Zeppelin II the following year and although critically acclaimed their first album did not really sell well until then….

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