Say it out loud: I’m Wolves and I’m proud

I can feel it in my fingers, I can feel it in my toes!

Another season is about to start and Wolves are in the Premier League! Fantastic! What a treat!

For the third time in this millenium were about to launch a new season among 20 other teams in the best league in the world. That’s something to be proud about – regardless of the outcome.

But I’m positive of that aswell. We did very well last season finishing on 15th with the new contract sorted out with two weeks to spare. Well done, lads!

And we’ve strengthened the team considerably. And we did it early on, allowing the team to come together. Very important. Something other teams seem not to realise. An advantage, surely.

But that does not mean that we will sail away and win today easy peasy. No way. Stoke is Stoke. One of the hardest teams to beat and we got them first of all. I’m not so pleased about that, actually. They are solid and hard to beat. And what about that Jones fella up front? He scored three against us last season – more than any other player in the league managed.

And Wolves haven’t won an opening game this millenium. It’s true, you know. But it’s about time now, then, eh?!!

Stoke will very probable play 4-4-2 and we will mimic them on that. They are a team that try to play short cuts. Let the ball go up the pitch as fast as possible with as few passes as possible. No fancy stuff and diagonal passes, they just do it.

And they are very physical and hands on when it comes to defending. No pardon. In yer face. How do we play them? Is there a cure?

Some suggests that we should outplay them by fancy passes and playing around them. Avoid contact as we are the more technical team. Faster. Smarter. I’m not so sure about that. I believe we have to get in their faces and fight. But try to go round them at the wings aswell.

If Stoke go about as they did last season they will look for a draw away against us. They were very good at that last season. Not just against us, but against every team on the lower half. It’s part of their tactics. Solid, remember.

So we need to come with speed. Punch a hole in their defence. Catch them off guard. But it’s hard. No coincidence that Craddock was the one that scored twice against them last season. They are good at controlling the forwards. Very good.

But he slipped thru their defence. Midfielders and defenders got to be alert and score on the second wave against such teams.. Craddock, Van Damme, Jones, Berra. Step up!

I will try to name a probable starting eleven for the teams as usual close to kick-off. I’m ready. I think…

And I’ll say it out loud. I’m Wolves and I’m proud! Go for it!



~ by paddytheflea on August 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Say it out loud: I’m Wolves and I’m proud”

  1. I can identify with all that you write here.As a lifelong supporter ( I was born half a mile from Molineux in 1945) I am ,as always, full of optimism and excited at the start of a new season.

    What is interesting is the frenzied transfer activity currently reported on Sky news and Teletext etc.. There are players moving to clubs only days before the start of the season and projected moves in the next fortnight. Does it really matter that these new stars do not have the settling in time that we ( Wolves) feel is so precious. Commonsense would say that it is but I still wonder about it. We have made four signings since the end of the season and confirmed a loan purchase and a loan extension. Two wingers , two defenders, a striker and a midfielder.

    I only saw one pre-season game , at Reading. I know to expect little from such games but Reading looked like the Premier side.
    Elokobi was bettered frequently by a lanky winger. Our midfield was unimpressive and I still feel that this is where we are lacking at this level. We seem to give the ball away cheaply and put the rather slow defence under unnecessary pressure. It is hoped our new former Hull defender will in time make a difference. JVD has not received glowing reports in his performances at left back and will perhaps take time to settle to this level. But we need players who do not need settling in time. By mid October , when hopefully Hunt is ready to start a game ( it will take until Christmas for him to be really on song) we will have already played for well over 20 points.
    What a shame Doyle is already suffering from injury.Last season it happened to Ebanks Blake and he went missing for a season.
    He is reported as being much leaner and fitter. I hope he is better than he was at Reading. Jarvis stood out in that game , Henry was steady and Fletcher showed some nice touches.
    Lets hope that this afternoon we are stong enough to withstand the battering that is in store. I don’t think it will be pretty and for a start I would be satisfied with a draw and no injuries.
    I now live in Cumbria but my spirit and crossed fingers will be in Molineux this afternoon.
    Well done for an interesting site I always visit it.

    • Thank you, Kendalwolf!
      It’s always nice to hear from my readers. And thank you for your impressions from the Reading game. Stoke as a first game is a difficult one. But I believe that we are stronger today than last season, despite Doyle being injured. As you can see on my article about the lineups I agree that a draw is a probable result today and I would be satisfied with that aswell.

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