David Jones: I’m just delighted that it came off!

David Jones is in the focal point of a football crazy world after his fantastic goal against Stoke City Saturday.

It was almost like a circus act and without a doubt the best taken goal in the Premier League this weekend and maybe the goal of the season already made.

David Jones is not the one bragging about his achievements, but he seem to be pleased with the goal when he talked to the reporter from Daily Mail:

I’ve been working on it. It was just perfect really. From that type of distance, it’s very hard to get the ball up and down. I knew I had to keep the ball flat. I’m just delighted that it came off. I’ve got a DVD of the goal from a friend who works at Sky. It was a special goal – ‘Le Tissier’ Jones! I probably haven’t scored a better one in the Premier League.

The reporter also asked about Wolves and Jones contract talks:

I’m getting stronger, more confident and I feel at home here. I like the area, I like the club. The manager told me he wants me to stay as well, so hopefully I can. I’m optimistic. There are a few sticking points but hopefully it will get sorted.”

I can imagine that David has what is called a great bargaining position at the moment. He has in deed shown what he is worth with that spectacular kick. And in my opinion he was the best player overall for Wolves against Stoke City.

And I know that many Wolves fans out there are demanding the 3 M’s (chairman Morgan, director Moxey and manager McCarthy) to sign him on for three or four years more immediately at any cost. And I would like to join in there. Sign him up!


David Jones goal-kick. McCarthy - Sign him up!

(You can watch the goal from a fan-cam HERE and you will find a highlights link down the right margin)


~ by paddytheflea on August 15, 2010.

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