Loan Watch: The Hoff and The Posh

Stefan “The Hoff” Maierhofer finally made his debut for MSV Duisburg. playing in the German second league. But this was a Cup game against amateur outfit VfB Lübeck in the DFB Cup.

The Hoff was in the starting eleven, but although Duisburg dominated they had a hard time finding the goal. The first half ended in a goalless draw. But just a few minutes into the second half Duisburg got their first, but it was an own goal.

After an hour Maierhofer did some good work on the ball and passed it to Sahan who hit the post. That was about it for The Hoff who were substituted a couple of minutes later. In the last minutes of the match Schäffler – the striker that substituted The Hoff – scored a goal and the match closed with a 2-0 win.

The Hoff after the game (translation by Google and my guesses): 😆

“We are very releaved after making it through the first round. We knew that Lübeck could give us one or two surprises, but we opposed our play on them and deserved the victory. I’m very well taken care of here and we have a young team with a strong potential of growth “

The Croatian manager of Duisburg about The Hoff:

He does not have the steam for 90 minutes, but there were some good intentions there already.”

Hmm. Has he neglected his pre-season training? Let’s hope that The Hoff will make his league debut next week.

Also on Saturday our right winger Nat Mendez-Laing was in the Posh first eleven against Bournemouth in League One. Probably with about the same standard as the second tier in Germany.

Peterborough United were about to get a shock in this game. They lost with 5-1 and the game turned out to be a horror show for a team that had won the two first games of the season comfortably.

Pitman in the Cherries were the big Nemesis of the Posh as he scored a hat-trick. Mendez-Laing played only the first half of the game.

Manager Greg Johnson – the former manager of Bristol City and a friend of McCarthy – initially started the game with a 4-4-2 formation and the same team that hammered Bristol Rovers.

But that formation did not work against the Cherries. The full backs of Posh – Nana and Little (former Wolves player) went too high up the pitch and Bournemouth could go to attack with only the two central defenders trying to stop them.

Because of this Posh found themselves two goals down after the first half and Johnson changed the formation to an untested 5-3-2 trying to get order to the defence.

But that didn’t work either, as the right and left back still played to high up the pitch – at least according to the source I have who watched the game.

So Posh let three more goals in the second half of the game, but got a consolation goal. My source says that Nathaniel Mendez-Laing put in one of the worst displays he has seen in a long time in the forty-five minutes he played. Doesn’t sound good at all.

Let’s hope that he gets another chance to redeem himself. After all it was the whole team that were outplayed yesterday and it must be an managerial issue to sort it out.

Apparently the Cherries manager Howe is a very smart young man who knows how to play against a team that goes forward on the wings. My source rates Howe as one of the best managers in England.



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