Wolves have signed 17-year-old England striker from WBA?!

In waiting for the young striker Jake Cassidy to sign for Wolves another hot young striker popped up in my -and probably Wolves – radar. Apparently Wolves have signed the Burundian born 17-year-old former WBA player Saido Berahino.

The Official Wolves Twitter has now denied that Wolves has signed Said Berahino and explains:

Wolves HAVEN’T signed Albion youngster Saido Berahino. Rogue error on website by company who put it together and nothing to do with us!!!!

I’m very sorry to have published this. Usually I am very cautious and crtical about publishing unconfirmed rumours, and if I do I clearly state that it is a rumour. But at least I wrote a warning below.  But I was naive enough to think that I could trust what was written on the Official site.

I think Wolves should consider taking control of the website themselves to avoid errors in the future! Again. I’m really sorry if I’ve mislead you, but I felt it was out of my control.

He came to Aston, Birmingham from poor and war torn Burundi six years ago to live with his mother. As an 11-year-old his greatest interest was football and he played all day long while in Africa.

He started in the WBA under 12’s after having a trial. During the years he scored all kind of goals for them and he was considered so gifted that he was handed a scholarship in their Academy.

And not only that – in November 2008 he made his debut for the England under 16 team. Saido to Sunday Mercury at the time:

The experience was amazing. I loved coming out of the tunnel – and singing the national anthem was great.
“When I went on, the manager just said go and enjoy yourself. It was good even though I only got on for 15 minutes.

And Mark Harrison, his former coach at West Bromwich Albion academy said:

He has the potential to go as far as he wants and play in the Premiership if he continues to develop, but obviously he needs to remain focussed.”

Today Saido Berahino has played four matches for the England U16’s and 12 games for the U17’s. In those 12 matches he has scored 6 goals.

You can watch they young striker in an interview after a match for the England U17’s HERE

And you can watch him score the goal he is talking about here! What a goal!

How Wolves have made this coup against the little club down the road I don’t know yet, but it’s possible to sign a 17-year-old on a pro contract and Saido celebrated his birthday nine days ago.  😆

Saido Berahino definitely looks to be one for the immediate future and will be a good addition to the Development Team.

(OBSERVE! The information about Saido Berahino signing for Wolves is based on the fact that he is mentioned as a Wolves player at the Wolves Official site HERE. Wolves have not in any other way announced the signing yet. There is always the possibility that this is a hacker prank, because the player is still on the WBA website aswell, and that info was updated Saturday.)


~ by paddytheflea on August 16, 2010.

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