Wolves: Rogue error on website. We have not signed Berahino!

Wolves tonight denied signing Said Berahino and explains:

Wolves HAVEN’T signed Albion youngster Saido Berahino. Rogue error on website by company who put it together and nothing to do with us!!!!

I’m really sorry if I have mislead you when I published the article about the young WBA striker signing for Wolves, but I did it in good faith. As he was mentioned on the Official website as a Wolves player I concluded that Wolves had signed him on a professional contract.

Apparently Wolves, Albion and a lot of other clubs websites are administrated by the same company and they sometimes makes errors when they put on information, as they are not familiar with the clubs.

I think Wolves should consider taking control of their club website themselves to avoid errors in the future!

Again. I’m really sorry if I’ve mislead you on this, but I feel it was out of my control.


(The erratic article is HERE for you that are curious and haven’t read it.)


~ by paddytheflea on August 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Wolves: Rogue error on website. We have not signed Berahino!”

  1. Don’t worry about it Paddy – I had already picked up on it as well! Mailed a few friends with the info, didn’t I ? By the way, I agree with the website thing – they’re all the same, just in different colours.

    • Thank you for your support, Razor. I agree. I suppose it’s economically advantageous to join that website providing company for the clubs. But they should consider the quality as well.

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