Jake Cassidy: I’ts all about trying to score some goals

Jake Cassidy has now signed for Wolves, and there are two articles about it on the Wolves Official site, so I have to believe that it’s true. 😆

The young North Wales striker  – who I’ve wrote about before HERE and HERE – will now join the Development Team and play for Wolves in the Premier Reserves League for the season. The Development team are actually playing tonight at home against Sunderland.

Jake has talked to the reporter for the Official Wolves site:

I had a good pre-season and then the interest started. I came down here for a week’s trial and now here I am! I wanted to progress and was pleased to go to Airbus and was looking forward to a season in the Welsh Premier League. I certainly didn’t think anything would happen before the season had even started and it’s all happened very quickly.”

It will be my first time away from home but it’s part of life when you want to be a footballer. It’s not far from home so my parents will be able to travel down. And Wolves are a great club who have made me feel really welcome from the moment I arrived. I’m delighted to be here. It’s all about trying to score some goals for the reserves to aim to be in the manager’s thoughts at some point in the future.

Cassidy has already played two matches for Wolves – against Coventry with the Academy side and against Telford with the Development side:

I played for the Academy against Coventry and didn’t get too much of the ball. That game was more about trying to settle in having just travelled down. I enjoyed the game against Telford and scoring a goal and it was just a shame I got blisters and had to come off.

I’m delighted that Wolves picked this young footballer up. With all the praise he is getting for his play he can very well be a player for the future for Wolves.

One of the commentators of one of my previous articles who has played with him writes that he once scored 92 goals in a season and that he is a good dribbler, can score inside and outside the box and is great at set pieces aswell. Sounds good!

So very welcome to Wolves, Jake Cassidy. And train hard and play well and score some goals!



~ by paddytheflea on August 17, 2010.

8 Responses to “Jake Cassidy: I’ts all about trying to score some goals”

  1. Any ideas of his date of birth (can’t find it anywhere), so I can get him added to the Football Manager 2011 database!?!

  2. It isn’t August, he was born in February

  3. Hopefully the lad can progress as it’s about time one of our kids made it into the first team though as the team improve it get harder and harder….
    Does anyone know what’s happend to Zele Ismail

    • I’ve wondered about it myself, Mark. He didn’t play in the last Academy game so it wouldn’t surprise me if he is injured. But I have no info on it at all, only guessing.

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