List of transfer spending: Wolves are # 12

Premier League teams spend a lot of money on transfers into the teams and does not seem to get as much for the players when they sell them. That is at least the feeling you get when you look sporadically into the transfer figures of a team. But here are the stats to prove it.

It covers the Premier League from the start in 1992 to the end of last years summer spending by the Premier League teams and a couple of others.

Teams 92–2010 — Purchased — Net spending
1 Manchester C – £486,110,000 – £378,557,000
2 Chelsea – £563,340,000 – £371,465,000
3 Liverpool£419,055,000£184,735,000
4 Tottenham – £383,550,000£182,832,500
5 Aston Villa£253,240,000£142,015,000
6 Manchester U – £419,350,000£128,910,000
7 Newcastle£306,695,000£108,470,000
8 Sunderland – £180,265,000£104,035,000
9 Birmingham C – £135,020,000£76,445,000
10 Fulham£121,381,000£68,486,000
11 Everton£217,245,500 – £54,975,500

12 Wolves – £84,919,000 – £45,874,000

13 Arsenal£273,440,000£35,866,000
14 West Brom£84,380,000

15 Stoke City£49,140,000£26,610,000

16 Bolton£84,470,000£19,700,000
17 Blackburn R – £182,662,000 – £6,527,000
18 Wigan£80,365,000£4,472,500
19 Blackpool£3,327,500 + £1,457,500
20 West Ham£179,082,000 + £3,900,000
Portsmouth£115,100,000 + £25,075,000
Leeds United £145,780,000£4,435,000

(I’m sorry about the poor graphic quality of this tables. I’ve really messed it up this time) 😆

As seen Wolves has spent close to £85 million on transfers during the period, but gained close to £40 million when players were sold. That means a net spending of about £46 million on transfers in this period of 17 seasons or in average about £2.5 million in net spending per season. The Wolves spending on transfers last year is of course an unproportional big chunk of the total spending by the club since 1992.

It’s perhaps a little surprising that a club like Manchester United are only number five when it comes to net spending. But it seems that they have done a much better job in selling players than many other teams. The same goes for Arsenal, by the way.

The Manchester City spending spree lately is already visible in these stats. If only the last five years should be displayed they would of course be high above all others in spending.

Blackpool is an amazing club. They have sold for more than they have purchased and they still are in the Premier League this season. They deserve much credit for that!

West Ham and Portsmouth are the only other teams on the list that has succeeded in that, but not with the margin that Blackpool has and they have been forced to sell in the last years of the period.

So Wolves are in 12th place in this league of spending. Does that mean that we will take that spot in the final tables in May? Well, of course it doesn’t mean that, but I wouldn’t mind if we did. 😆


(I don’t know the origin of these stats, I’ve just found it on another blog)


~ by paddytheflea on August 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “List of transfer spending: Wolves are # 12”

  1. i was reading someones blog yesterday and they said that they d puy 25 quid on a top 6 finnish for wolves , well i just went down william hill to enuire about the price on that , and you cant actually put that bet on as there is no market . then i went on line to paddypower . if you sign up they re offering to match one bet up to 50 quid . if you go to the premier league page , then to the handicaps section , they ve got wolves at 13 / 1 to get +45 points . after watching that first half against stoke and thinking we ve got doyle to come back , zubar , and that wasp like winger in hunt …. well thats not a bad bet .. eh?

    • Agree, London wolf loyal. Sounds like a good bet indeed. Maybe I will go commercial and take contact with Paddypower, haha. Could be a relative, thinking about it. One of the lost Power brothers. And I’ve heard they have a lot of money. (Sorry, a pint too much) 😆

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