Probable Team Lineups: Everton vs Wolves

Wolves first away game this season and I’m of course tensed as hell. Was the win against Stoke just a fluke? Did we play a team that will reside in the lower half of the Premier League or – and this is my real conclusion – are we ourselves a team for the upper half of the league this season.

I looked at a rerun of the Stoke game a couple of days ago and was amazed at Wolves play in the first half. It was awesome! The positioning and the passing game has matured and it was a team playing – not individuals trying to impress to gain a higher value on the market.

If Wolves can play like that away against a team with a much better midfield than Stoke, I will have no worries about the season. But that remains to be seen.

One obstacle is that McCarthy will probably not be able to put out the same team as against Stoke. Fletcher and Van Damme are in doubt. But on the other hand Doyle should be fit and very eager to do an impact.

Anyway. I believe that McCarthy realises that Everton is the complete opposite to Stoke when it comes to playing the midfield. The Toffees likes to crowd it and Stoke likes to overplay it as fast as possible.

I hope and believe that this means Mick will play with five men in midfield in Liverpool and just one striker. And that striker will of course be Kevin Doyle.

And if Van Damme is sidelined because of injury i believe that Jarvis will step back to the left wing and Foley will take the right if Zubar is fit to play at right back.

There are a lot of if’s here – I realise that – but it’s the first away game of the season and the team is far from set and we have injuries. It’s hard to pick the starting eleven – for me aswell as for Mick McCarthy.

I don’t believe that Moyes has an easier task. The defeat against Blackburn very probably made him ask himself some questions. And this season he has a large squad to pick from – although many of the players are not tested against Premier League opposition yet.

Saha did not do well against Blackburn. He became very alone up there and it was probably not only his fault but if I were the manager of Everton and had other options I would try to start Beckford this time.

The young signing from Leeds has done well in pre season and must be dying to show his new home support that he is up to it.

I believe that Moyes will take the opportunity to make a few other changes as well to get the team running. Some players coming on against Blackburn were better than the ones starting and I’m sure Moyes noticed that.

I think he will have confidence in Howard – despite his slip-up – but everybody of course knows that Hahnemann is the best American keeper. Just look at the Castrol stats and HERE. 😆

But it’s hard for me to guess the Wolves starting eleven and of course even harder to estimate what starting eleven Everton will put out.

And I must  say that I’m glad not to be in Moyes head as it looks above. 😆 Anyway. These are the starting elevens I believe will play today:



~ by paddytheflea on August 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Everton vs Wolves”

  1. as an everton fa i have to disagree with our midfield . fellaini is far better than rodweel at the moment, and osman cant play out wide. wheres pienaar? Nevertheless i facy wolves` chances of a top half finish this year. you have a good team building. best of luck for the season

    • Thank you, toffee! Best of luck for the season to you aswell.
      I read that Fellaini was not in best form against Blackburn and that goes for Pienaar too. But I agree that this is a long shot from me, but you have much quality to chose from.

  2. Osman will be out through injury thank god. Might see Heitinga in defensive midfield role and perhaps Fellaini in for Cahill. Outside chance Gueye will get on at some stage and Pienaar will start instead of Bily I think. Hoep you have a good season but not today
    Wellzee from Oz

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