Player Ratings: Everton vs Wolves

I was filled with anger during the game yesterday. Filled with anger towards Mick McCarthy for not giving his players the best prerequisites to play against Everton.

In my – and later it seems also McCarthy’s own opinion – we should have started with five men in midfield as our opponents did. Playing against a top half team away being one player short in the important build up play – our own and our opponents – means to cripple the team and give them very tough conditions to win a game – or even to play a draw.

So handing out the ratings today are not easy. Some of the players did not have the chance to show what they really can accomplish when they have the same conditions as the opponent. I’m still a bit mad at Mick, but I look upon his statement after the game as an apology:

We were poor in the first half, abject actually, but we held on until the 43rd minute. I’ll take responsibility for that because I set the team up and was tinkering with it.

So I will give McCarthy 5 points for using the wrong formation from start. But it would have been 4 if he hadn’t put on Guédioura in the second half. To the ratings, then.

Hahnemann – 6 – For some reason he had some awful distribution in the first part of the game. He seemed to be in stress. I noticed a little of that in the beginning of last season aswell. Perhaps it takes a couple of games for the old man to get used to the tempo, but my demands on our star keeper are set very high and I believe that he will live up to them this season aswell eventually.

Foley – 8 – Probably our best defender for the day. Seldom makes mistakes in positioning and helps the central defenders a lot. Followed the team up on a couple of occasions, but it had to be mostly about defending yesterday.

Craddock – 7 – The Wolves defenders found themselves very much exposed to the Toffees going forward. Partly because of good defending and partly because of Evertonian impotence Wolves were succesful in defending their goal. But it was no star performance.

Berra – 7 – The same goes for the other central defender. He was a little grumpy yesterday, perhaps after getting unjust treament from the Everton players while the referee looked the other way. A lot of shirt pulling and other dirty tricks yesterday, and sadly the referee could not stop it.

Elokobi – 7 – Many fans believe he had a bad game yesterday. I’m not one of them. He was taken off because McCarthy wanted changes to strengthen the midfield by moving Jarvis to the left wing and getting Guédioura on the pitch. He did his part when he was on but was sacrificed for the common cause.

Jarvis – 8 – Hard to rate because he was much better on the left in the second half than on the right in the first. But the Wolves midfield had to defend a lot the first half as they were outnumbered, but managed to push up more in the second, thanks to Guédioura, the forwards and Jarvis himself.

Henry – 6 – The inner midfield is the hardest to rate. They had a tough time being outplayed most of the first half and in periods in the second. The rating has to be partly dependent on the fact that they were one man short. Considering that they did well.

Jones – 5 – Worked hard, as Henry did, but were outplayed. We won against Stoke because we have a better midfield than them. Now we almost lost to Everton because their midfield was stronger than ours. But it was in numbers, not in quality. Jones is still a quality player.

Ward – 6 – It’s hard to give him a rating, because he played in two different roles. As a winger he did not do much to elevate the market, so to speak, but that had much to do with the midfield being out-numbered. As a defender he functioned better, but he was very close to a crucial mistake in marking in the second half that could have resulted in an Everton goal.

Doyle – 7 – In the first half he looked very bleak. Couldn’t hold the ball up at all and were stranded on an island with only Toffees for companions (horrible, but true) 😆 But as the midfield moved up a bit in the second half and he himself moved downwards to play a larger part in build up play he got a new purpose in the game and grew. The nice low cross to Sylvan earns him an extra point.

Ebanks-Blake – 7 – Had almost the same problem as Doyle in the first half, but I believe he tried a bit more to get involved. In the second half he ran much and connected better with the others -especially Jarvis – and could benefit with his goal being at the right place on the right time. On the whole the match proves to me that Wolves are a very fit team. We were still running when Everton had blown their steam at the end of the game.

Guédioura – 9 – The player that changed the game when he came on. Not all by himself, but he was the catalyst for the change and showed the rest of the team that it was possible to run forward and break through the Everton midfield and defence. He should of course been on from start against Everton in a five men midfield giving the lads a chance to win the midfield and build up play to pass the ball on to the forwards the way they did when he came on. But I’m sure you all got my message by now about that, haha. Despite Adlène only playing for less than 40 minutes he is Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match!


Ebanks-Blake embraced by Henry and Jarvis after the goal

(Link to highlight of the goal in the right margin as usual)

Edit: A very good analysis of the match HERE


~ by paddytheflea on August 22, 2010.

10 Responses to “Player Ratings: Everton vs Wolves”

  1. No mention of Ward’s fantastically timed challenge on Beckford?

    • You are right. That was a good one!
      But now I don’t have to mention it as you did. 😆

  2. Let’s hope that Sylvan starts against Newcastle! He’s a confidence player and Mick really knocked his confidence last season when dropping him for the game after he scored his first goal of the season (pen v Villa). For me,Doyle isn’t fit enough yet and despite Fletchers injury,Doyle may need more time before he’s ready.For me,it has to be Sylvan and Fletch for the next game with Doyle on the bench.I’d rotate the three all season to play whoever is in form.I don’t see much difference in quality between the three.Good problem for Mick to have

    • I agree that Doyle didn’t look fully match fit – or at least not 100 % yesterday. But I believe that when he is at his best he is the best of the three. But it is a pleasant problem for MM to have, I agree

  3. I thought Halford also provided a bit of a spark and conducted himself very well. His height presented some challenges, I think, to Everton just in terms of possession in the final third (something that killed the Wolves all game) and his throw-ins added an element of danger/pressure to the Everton side. Just my two cents.

    • I agree, Tyler. But I usually don’t give ratings to players coming on for less than 30 minutes. But he had an impact, for sure.

  4. We didn’t need a 5-man midfield, we just needed 3 in the middle that were prepared to pu their foot in and when Adlene came on we had just that – he was terrific. We need to start him next week against Newcastle, otherwise there is the danger that Barton, Nolan & Smith will bully us. 4-3-3 is the way to go – giving Jarvo a free role. My team to play Newcastle: Hahnemann, Foley, Craddock, Berra, Van Damme, Guediorra, Henry, Jones, Ebanks-Blake, Fletcher, Jarvis. Subs: Hennessey, Halford, Ward, Milijas, Doyle, Stearman, Moyoukolo.

    • 4-5-1 and 4-3-3 is basically the same formation. 4-5-1 becomes 4-3-3 in attack. My proposal for the match against Newcastle would be (in attack):

      ———- Hahnemann ——-
      Foley – Craddock – Berra (Moyo)- JVD
      —— Guédi – DJ – Henry —–
      Fletcher —— Doyle —— Jarvis

      Moyo could be needed cause he adds height to the defence. One of the midfielders should be assigned to look after Carroll – probably Guédi. With this formation we can use both Dave Jones and Guédioura to win the midfield and still have power when attacking. But the real trick is to have pace in the counter attack; turn the game very quick and play the ball deep to the wingers.

  5. Agree that Gedouira added that much needed zing to our attack in the second… can he maintain that pace for an entire 90mins, i dont know.

    I do know that we sorely need another striker. Knocks will be picked up throughout the season, and as Flecther’s proved this week, WE HAVE NO BACKUP STRIKERS !!… Only Keogh, who’s departure seems imminent on the bench??? WTF??? No, we need another Vokesy type striker to come in when Flecth or Doyle pick up a knock.

    That said, brilliant second half and signs that the old dog can change tactics. Well done Mick and Well done WOlves

    Jarvis is a cut above, if Kites comes back and is only half the player we’ll be alright.

    • I’ve heard wispers that the Wolves Scandinavian scout has looked at the Norwegian tall striker Huseklepp. But he is hot and other teams are also interested in him. But he looks a little weak on video (lookup at YouTube) but a much better footballer than the Hoff – no donkey. Can play on the right wing aswell.

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