Probable Team Lineups: Wolves vs Southend United (Carling Cup)

Wolves will enter the Carling Cup tomorrow against Southend United – or The Shrimpers – as they are popularly called.

Just like I had hoped McCarthy will play a couple of lads from start from our Development Team. Danny Batth – experienced central defender that was out on-loan to League One team Colchester last season and Sam Winnall – striker who scored a hat-trick in pre-season – will be the lucky two.

What team can we expect from Wolves other than these, then? The team will probably be mostly made up with fringe players that have not yet played a major role in the matches played so far. Added to that will be the players that have been injured and are on their way back.

Let’s try to take a crack at who will play tomorrow at 19:45 at Molineux then:

——— Hennessey ——-
Halford- Stearman – Batth – Hill
Edwards – Guédioura – Milijas – Mujangi-Bia
——- Keogh —— Winnall ——

Edit on matchday: Changed lineup after injury reports. Edwars O-K to play. Mouyokolo is out. Stearman will probably take a central defender position and Halford will take the right back (or Zubar).

Wouldn’t it be nice if Kightly were to be fit enough to figure, but the last I’ve heard is that he had to take it slower in his rehab, so it doesn’t look like we will see him on the pitch tomorrow.

Maybe McCarthy will start with Keogh pairing up with young Winnall and test Fletcher – who is on his way back from a supposedly minor injury – in the second half. Edit: Fletcher still injured and will not play.

Guédioura needs playing time and so does Milijas and Mujangi-Bia. Halford has only played a few minutes and Stearman and Hill need all match time they can get.

I want to see Malone on left back or left mid in the second half. And some of the others from the Development team aswell. Like the new Welsh guy Jake Cassidy. But McCarthy will probably have security in form of one or two of the regulars on the bench too.

Does this make sense? It’s just an informed guess and most of you will be able to draw your own conclusions, I’m sure.

Will Wolves win with this team, then? I would have doubts if we played away, but at home…Yes!

Many Wolves supporters I’ve talked to are hoping that we will have a good, long Cup run this season. Let’s hope so!

Paddytheflea (who proudly celebrated one year as a Wolves blogger yesterday!) 😆


~ by paddytheflea on August 23, 2010.

11 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Wolves vs Southend United (Carling Cup)”

  1. Great blog Paddytheflea! I enjoy coming here – and have done so for a year. Keep it up.

    • Thank you, Ole! It’s readers like ypurself that make my work a labour of love – and of course also the subject of all my reports – Wolves. 😆

  2. I don’t think Mouyokolo will start but Stearman in the middle and Zubar right back?

    I second Dane Ole … always an interesting read!

    • Yea! You may be right about Zubar, but maybe not for a start yet. I still believe Mouyo will have a start. Thanks for the praise! 😆

  3. Congratulations on your first anniversary paddy!

    I reckon the team you’ve picked should be able to pick off the shrimpers fairly easily. There’s enough skill, experience and grit in midfield to boss proceedings, and they should all be playing for their shirts. That said, it’s the Wolves and it’s a cup so I wouldn’t be surprised if the worst happens. It can’t be any worse than palace last year surely?

  4. I feel like Doherty might get a starting place ahead of Hill.
    Hill just doesn’t do it for me anymore.
    Anyway, I say a 3-0 win will be comfortable.
    Also, congratulations on your anniversary and keep writing your blog, because we all love the analysis, rumours and loan watch updates that you post.

    • Thank you, Erick1011!

      I think Mick will play Hill to try to unload him to a Championship team. And he is stable at this level (Southend). You have to watch up with these games. Southend has everything to play for and the Shrimps will fight like…crayfish. 😆

  5. Great blog as usual, Paddy.

  6. Good chance for players like Milijas, Stearman, Mujangbi and Keogh to show what they got. Hope for Milijas sake he plays well as I feel he cud offer the team alot the boy got quality. Keep up the blog enjoy your posts!

    • I believe Milijas is the one that really got to show what he can do tonight. One of his last chances to prove that he can play for Wolves this season.

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