Keogh on his way out?

A persistent rumour is running around that Wolves and Andy Keogh are in talks with Cardiff.

The rumour says that Cardiff wants sign the striker on a season long loan with an option to buy.

I thought that the hunt for Keogh would be off as the contestants – Cardiff and Coventry – already have signed other strikers, but Cardiff seem to fancy Keogh despite signing Manchester City star Bellamy on loan recently.

It is very possible that we will know more about this from the press conference after the ongoing game against Southend United.

In Cardiff Keogh will – in case of signing – join up with Bothroyd and Olofinjana again. They are playing Posh as I write this and Bothroyd actually scored after half an hour on a header. 1-0 in halftime in that game and Nat Mendez-Laing is on the bench for Posh from start.

Anyway. I believe in that Keogh rumour. The question is if Wolves will sign a new striker instead of Keogh and in that case who?

My answer to the first question is yes, we probably will. The second one  is a little trickier. 😆

My money is on a young Norwegian that goes by the name of Erik Huseklepp. He is a skinny, tall target type of striker with a very good scoring record.

The nice thing about him from a Wolves point of view is that he can play at right wing aswell. A problem is of course that he has no experience of playing outside of his home country.

Why do I believe that Wolves will sign him then? Well. Firstly that it is a rumour about it. Secondly because he is a kind of target player that McCarthy likes and he is young and hungry. Thirdly because Wolves recently has brought on a scout that is an expert at the Scandinavian countries.

Let’s hope that everything will turn out to the best!

Oh. And in the match against Southend it’s 1-0 to Wolves. Goal on a penalty by Milijas after Winnall was fouled trying to burst through in the penalty area.

Up the Wolves!


~ by paddytheflea on August 24, 2010.

10 Responses to “Keogh on his way out?”

  1. As soon as I saw Keogh wasn’t in the team tonight I assumed it meant he was on his way. Maybe we’ll get a big name on loan from a top team with no squad space? 🙂

    I know a Brann fan who told me Wolves (and Celtic and Sunderland) scouted Huseklepp last saturday, but then lots of teams have been doing that for months, and he thinks it’s very unlikely he’ll move in this window.

    • Yes. Let’s hope we will get a proved scorer in the PL instead. I’m not sure about that Norwegian.

      1-1 now in the game and SEB + Doyler is on.

      • Full time in the cup came and it’s 1-1 and extra time to start soon.
        Edward’s off and Foley on.

        In the meantime Posh did win against Cardiff. But Natty Mendez-Laing watched it all from the bench.

  2. please don’t tell me you have a GCSE in English , A* no doubt !

    • No. English is not my first language. One of the reasons I blog is to brush up my English.

      If you happen to be a teacher – they are mostly the ones that complains about my spelling – I wish ypu would tell your pupils that blogging is a very good way to get better at writing. Funny enough, ridiculing doesn’t seem to help, you know.

      (It’s also about writing at the same time as listening to the match and watching TV. Multitasking doesn’t help when trying to spell) 😆

  3. if we sign Huseklepp. then we got a quality player. he is a proved scorer an he wil fit well into thw team….
    go Wolves

    • Yes, but does he have the pace and strength for the Premier League? I believe the Norwegian league is like League Two in England.

      • Richard Stearman scored for Wolvesin the 122nd minute after a cross from Zubar and a following goal scramble and we are through to the third round of Carling Cup!

  4. If we sign Huseklepp it will be a genius move. Has he got the strength for the PL? No, but he’s got the pace. I have seen him great in international games, against teams like Slovakia, Scotland and most recently France ( He’s also been great for Brann in europa against teams like Deportivo ( And seriously, who can resist a goal like this:

    Would be a great signing, no doubt about it.

    • Not bad, Asleulv!
      But my latest article suggests that Mancienne could be back and that we after that could be done with signings to the 25 man squad. But I could very well be wrong. It’s a game of informed guesses and nobody is known to be right all the time. 😆

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