McCarthy: He wants to play football and doesn’t want to be fourth in line

It’s now confirmed that Andy Keogh will sign for Cardiff.

Just as I wrote that he would yesterday, Mick McCarthy announced the departure of the striker after the victory over Southend United in the Carling Cup. This is what he said to the media:

It’s a racing certainty that Andy will be going to Cardiff. He didn’t want to be cup tied and Cardiff didn’t want him to be cup tied and it was a chance for us to give Ashley Hemmings a game. Andy has been fabulous here both for me and this football club. It’s a good move for him to go to Cardiff and good luck to him. He wants to play football and doesn’t want to be fourth in line here which I can fully understand. It was my decision to let him go but he goes with our best wishes and warmest regards.”

What to expect now is that Wolves will find another striker to replace him with. The club cannot go on for long with only three proven striker as Vokes is still on the injury list. I speculated about a name yesterday (HERE) but there are of course others. The big clubs are opening up for loans of the players that don’t fit into their 25 man lists and there may be some goodies in that sack.

Paddytheflea of course wishes Andy Keogh good luck at Cardiff. He will leave good memories behind at Wolves and he will be remembered in the history of Wolves as an accomplished striker, a hard worker and a nice guy. And he was the first goalscorer for Wolves away in the Premier League.

Thank you, Andrew Keogh!


~ by paddytheflea on August 25, 2010.

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