Player Ratings and Analysis: Wolves vs Newcastle United

A day after the clash against Newcastle I am pleased with the point Wolves gained. The first twenty minutes or so we were outplayed, but just like against Everton the weekend before Wolves gained more and more control of the game and found the right positions and the right way to pressure Newcastle high up the pitch.

The Ebanks-Blake goal was a masterpiece and showed that he is indeed a striker with a golden boot and excellent technique and firepower. The incoming center from Van Damme was high class stuff aswell and Wolves showed the newcomers that precision when finishing is the most important thing in the Premier League.

Sadly, though, when Wolves still playing well in the second half the Newcastle golden boy Carroll was allowed to equalise. Wolves had managed to contain him much better than Aston Villa the weekend before – and maybe it was tiredness that caused the marking errors after the free that he headed in – seemingly without much bodily contact.

Bodily contact was the frase of the day, by the way. Henry started off the game with a hard tackle on Barton to remind him of his impressive precense in midfield. He then did exactly the same thing at the start of the second half if Barton had forgot he was there.

So it was a hard game with a lot of tackles from each side, but not as dirty as the young referee perceived when handing out seven yellow cards against Wolves and five to the Newcastle United side. He must have been frightened, the young fellow, and there are many writers now saying that the referee has been promoted to the PL too early in his career.

I agree to that. Especially as he missed to give Wolves a penalty written in stone after that Jarvis was dragged down in the penalty area. Two up would probably have meant a victory for Wolves. Let him play in the CC!

But my main reason to write this article is of course to give out my ratings to the team. But let me first say that the first twenty I thought that I was right hoping that Mick should have played a 4-5-1 formation. But as that would probably have included only playing Doyler up front I’m not so certain of that after the game.

But – as Mick himself has demonstrated it is possible to change formation during the game and perhaps Wolves would do better the first half hour of the game if we start with a 4-5-1 and then change to 4-4-2. Wolves got to do something about the lousy starts we have done in all three of the games so far.

Here are the ratings from the Paddytheflea jury. 😆

Hahnemann – 6 – Did some savings by being in the right spot at the right time, but was outplayed a couple of times aswell and even rounded. Was late when Carroll headed over from up close. He’s got to do better. If not, Hennessey is eager to take his place, I’m sure.

Foley – 7 – Was not so much noticed by me in the game, really. Not one of his better games, though, but solid. Moved to the midfield when Zubar came on for Van Damme.

Craddock – 6 – He and his buddy central defender made a horrible mistake early on that could have resulted in a goal n the back. He usually play well with cloth on his head, but not in this match.

Berra – 6 – On the day these two were equals. Exactly the same stats aswell. But of course only letting one goal in is not a bad result, but Newcastle did not lack chances – only precision.

Ward – 8 – He fought like a dog on left back. And at first he didn’t have much help of Van Damme at the wing. Did a couple of match decisive savings. Especially when he got his foot on the ball just before Nolan (?) was about to score close to the right post. Another one was a glide tackle when the road to goal seemed to be free for the Newcastle attackers. It’s time to rate this man, folks. He was our best defender by far against the Magpies and he is Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match!

Jarvis – 7 – Most of the game he played at the right wing, but he made som visits at the left aswell. But when Van Damme was substituted he went to the left and I think he played better there – perhaps because Newcastle is weaker at that side. An average performance to his standards, but very good compared with most players.

Henry – 8 – Man Of The Match on midfield, I would like to call his performance. Showed the rest of the team how to play and was – after the first twenty minutes – king of the midfield.

Jones – 6 – Not a game that suits him, I believe. He is not weak by any means, but had a hard time to get forward and he is not the best to close down the opposite team.

Van Damme – 7 – Assisted to the goal with a very nice center when he and Jarvis had changed wings. I wish Jarvy  would be as good at crossing in. He is a powerful presence on the pitch and helped a lot in defense – at least after the first twenty. I don’t know if he got a knock or was substituted because he was tired or got a yellow card. Still much to learn, but he already brings a lot.

Ebanks-Blake – 8 – Most people would give him the man of the match star after his excellent game and well taken goal. He played well without the ball aswell and were close to get through on a couple of occasions. And his close header at the post was very close to result. Wolves will have much use of him this season. I rate him our number one striker today and he should be chosen before Doyle and Fletcher and I’m sure Mick recognises that.

Doyle – 5 – Has clearly not reached match form yet. Seem slow both in head and legs and is not at all the sparkling success of last season. I’m sure it’s due to his injuries and he will soon be the old Doyler again. But he better watch out for Fletcher waiting to grab the second striker position. I thought Wolves played better when Fletcher came on for Doyle.

Zubar – 5 – Clearly not fully matchfit yet. Wolves became weaker at back when he came on. Hope he gains pace and fitness soon.

I believe that the international break comes well timed now. Wolves will have time to regroup and the injured will have time to get back. Well done!


Links to Highlights as usual down the right margin.


~ by paddytheflea on August 29, 2010.

8 Responses to “Player Ratings and Analysis: Wolves vs Newcastle United”

  1. “Henry – 8 – Man Of The Match on midfield, I would like to call his performance. Showed the rest of the team how to play and was – after the first twenty minutes – king of the midfield.”

    Oh dear Lord! Thoroughly outplayed on your own patch and then praising disgraceful fouls from a technically inept player, naming him your “man of the math on midfield”. Pretty embarrassing really, isn’t it? Mick McCarthy is a poor manager, you’re a poor side and your ‘kick lumps out of em’ approach will only get you so far. Soon to be an NPower League team again soon me thinks

    • First twenty we didn’t find our positions and backed down way to much, but after that we did hold the play up well and we had the best chances in the game.

      In an intensive game players like Henry and your own Barton will make mistakes and given fouls. It’s part of the game, The Bull, and I’m sure that the players recognises this even if you don’t.

      I can predict right here and now that we will finish higher than you when spring comes. Our approach to the game took us to a 15th spot last season and it will take us even further up this. I don’t believe you can match that when the novelty of being in the PL runs out for you and the opponents finds you out. You will be lucky to reach 17th spot!

      • “Novelty of playing in the PL” Says the fan of Wolverhampton Wanderers, a seasoned Premier League side with a proven reputation. Hilarious

        Have you looked at our squad lately? Even more pressing question, have you looked at your own?

        We already have a superior squad and with the recent acquisition of France International, Hatem Ben Arfa and Cote D’Ivoir international, Cheik Tiote the squad has just improved further. It doesn’t look like stopping there either with the possibility of Robbie Keane joining on loan. Wolves could only DREAM of attracting such players and I very much doubt you will finish above us this season.

        As I said earlier. Poor squad. Poor manager. Barely strengthened in the summer. The only way is down for you barrel scrapers. See you at SJP 😉

      • I’m not at all impressed by your signing policy. Getting players from the continent late with no experience of the PL is a big mistake. It will take months for them to adjust if they ever will.

        A week ago Wolves were still the third spender in this summers transfer window. The fans are very pleased with the players signed and they have improved our team and will improve it even more in the future. And last year our striker Ebanks-Blake got his season spoiled because of injuries early on. This season he has already showed everybody that he will score lots. You have one good striker – we have three. What would you do if Carroll gets injured? You would go down and I wouldn’t bother! 😆

  2. we played really crap in this match and still managed a point. also when we convincingly beat stoke everyone was saying we looked like a premier league team already, but we have a bad game against newcastle and suddenly we’re championship again…. get over yourself mate, we’ll stay up as will you.

  3. i thought it was a good game, yes henry should have been sent off and yes we should have conceded a penalty and with that prolly lost the game but we played some great stuff equalised with a good goal ( yours was a good hit i thought too ) on the balance its one of those we could have lost but played great… im glad for the point and hop wolves do well this season too. gl guys. toon army 😀

  4. A poor start by us but let’s not take anything away from Newcastle, they were on top for the first 30 mins and looked good. It was only when MM move Jarvis to the left and Van Damme to the right that things picked up for us. Van Damme was having an excellent match and when he was forced off with an injury we looked poor again. Full marks to Ward and SEB both had excellent games. Carroll gave Berra and Cradock a rough ride! Things may have been different if we had been given that ‘penalty’ but, as most Wolves fans know, refs hardly ever give penalties to us. Was not impressed with the treatment dished out to Barton – I am all for the team showing spirit and determination but some of the tackles were way out of order. A break now and then it’s Fulham away which we should be capable of getting a result down there.

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