Marcus Bent signed: Analysis

As the first confirmed deal on the last day of the transfer market Marcus Bent has signed for Wolves.

The Birmingham City striker has only signed on loan for four months and Jez Moxey says to the media:

Marcus is an experienced striker who has played plenty of Premier League football and scored goals. People still talk about whether we’ve got enough Premier League experience, and Marcus will add to that. He’s also a different type of striker to what we have in that he’s a physical presence. We needed someone after the departure of Andy Keogh and Marcus can do a job for us.

Is this wise? Well, as Keogh left out on-loan to Cardiff we were left with only three strikers, so there was a spot free. But in my opinion it would have been better to keep Keogh. But if he wanted to go so be it. It’s of course only four months because Vokes will be back by then. It was of course an error to let him go out on-loan to Bristol.

Now we have 26 players in the squad, not counting Matt Hill. Either the club will offload one – according to rumours it could be Milijas – or we could play with only two available keepers.

About Bent. Well, I’m not head over heels about it. He’s 32 and has done his best years. But I know that he is the type of player McCarthy likes to have in a team.

He will of course be number four in ranks at Molineux and I can not imagine that he will get much playing time. Perhaps the worst thing is that we – the fans – will be the laughing-stock of the Blues fans. But if it serves a good purpose we have to take the banter. And Bent – please surprise me!



~ by paddytheflea on August 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “Marcus Bent signed: Analysis”

  1. lets hope we dont need him. if seb can keep up these kind of performances and we have minimal down time from our 2 record signings he will be purely backup.

  2. He’s not better than Keogh,that’s for sure, only a different type of player. And it can become decisive if the game is locked in a tie. Mccarthy has a policy, unlike other managers, or a better one. Not just running after every quality player available. I remember Liverpool playing at their best before getting rid of Crouch. Another example is the rumor regarding Tijani Belaid. It seems like the gaffer is searching for players who can score goals from midfield.

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