Van Damme ruled out

Wolves Belgian defender/midfielder Jelle Van Damme has been ruled out to  participate for his national team in their clash against Germany tomorrow.

Their coach regards it a big loss as they want to play it rough against the Germans to try to get them off balance.

The reason for Van Damme not playing is the knock he got in a tackle from a foul playing Newcastle player latest. I’ve tried to investigate just how serious the injury is but have failed to gather any facts in the matter.

Belgium are playing Turkey nex week. I will look out and about if he is mentioned in the team then. Here’s hoping that he will be fit to play against Fulham on Saturday in a week.

Jelle Van Damme was in my opinion one of the very best players against Newcastle and if he hadn’t been forced to go off Wolves may very well have won that game. But that’s the way it is when you meet teams that cannot play a clean game. 😆



~ by paddytheflea on September 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “Van Damme ruled out”

  1. I find it interesting after all the bad press we got on Saturday from Barton moaning we were dirty that Van Damme is out because of a bad tackle from no other than Barton himself!! According to Radio WM afterwards it was a ‘red card’ challenge that the ref missed.

    • Agree, mike wolf.
      There were two teams out there playing a very tough game. And there’s no wonder that Mick laughed when Barton complained about the Wolves players tackling him. He got some of his own medicine and clearly hadn’t the stomach to take it. Barton will be one of the players highest on the list for fouls and yellow cards when the season is over. He always is.

  2. if you look at the fair play league it is interesting that in 1st place are 2 players – Barton & Peach both on 3 yellows + Newcastle are bottom on 10, ok we are just above them on 9, but we are not the one’s complaining! Also have a look at when they were in the championship?

  3. who gives a shit about the moaning geordie scum…

    Kights, Hunt et al will all be raring to go for the reverse and we’ll stuff em up right at the home of benefit central !

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