Toshack of Wales: It will be a hostile environment

Wales will start their Euro qualifying campaign against Montenegro away this evening and Wolves will provide two players to their starting eleven.

With striker Sam Vokes not available the in form Millvall forward Steve Morrison will earn his first competitive cup for the Dragons. Not bad for a Welshman (well, he has a Welsh grandmother) who played non-league football 18 months ago.

With Bellamy on his right and Bale on the left he will not feel lonely up front in a well composed team, despite injuries.

Hennessey will win his 27th cup for his country. Impressive as he is only 23. He was picked ahead of Myhill from the club down the road. Thank you for that sensitivity, Toshack!

Dave Edwards is also picked for the starting eleven. Good for him to get to play in a competitive international game. He needs to get his speed up if he wants to challenge for a spot on the Wolves midfield. And so does Hennessey, of course.

Coach Toshack has shown some irritation over the fact that UEFA has chosen to pick a referee from the nearby island of Corfu (been there, nice beach, beer and babes) 😆

I don’t think we’d have an Irish or a Scottish referee in one of our games in Cardiff. But let’s be careful here and let’s see what happens. I think Uefa have saved on expenses, it’s not too far away from here. The Greeks, over the years, have had a terrific relationship together so we will just have to wait and see.

Toshack is also irritated of the Montenegro player Pantelic saying to the media that:Wales know all the tricks and they are a very hard team.

I was a little bit surprised. This is a player who played against us last August, and I’ve also seen him recently against Norway in Oslo and against Northern Ireland, and he’s committed his fair share of fouls in those three matches.

Those who know our players know we are far from that, we are far from the description he’s given us. That type of game is not in our nature generally but at the same time we don’t intend to be bullied by these kind of comments. It’s a little bit like the pot calling the kettle black, because, as I say, I’ve seen him play three times now and he likes a tackle.

And Toshack seem to expect war and rightly so after the banter in media:

We know the importance of getting off to a good start. We are aware of the complications of this game, there’s no question about that. It will be a hostile environment and they’ll see this as a must-win game. But we do feel we are capable of getting something here.”

Wales lost against Montenegro about a year ago in a friendly. I hope that they will even up that tonight when it matters.

This is the probable team of Wales:

Wales (4-3-3): Hennessey (Wolves); Ricketts (Bolton),Collins (Aston Villa), Williams (Swansea), Gunter(Nottm Fst); Vaughan (Blackpool), Edwards (Wolves),Ledley (Celtic); Bellamy (Cardiff), Morison (Millwall),Bale (Tottenham).
Referee: A Kakos (Greece).



~ by paddytheflea on September 3, 2010.

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