Kevin Doyle scores beautiful goal against Andorra (video)

Just thought I’ll show the ones of you who haven’t seen it yet…

Kevin Doyle ot just scores the goal, but he battles for posession to get the ball aswell.

Just watch here:

And It’s 3-1 to the Republic Of Ireland at full time after goals by Kilbane and Keane aswell 😆

Doyle was involved in the third goal – by Robbie Keane – too, so I’ll show that one aswell:

And the first one was by McGeady, I believe:

Wolves internationals elsewhere, then?

The Hoff came in after 78 minutes when Austria did win by 2-0 against Kazakhstan with two goals in injury time in group A

Nenad Milijas sat on the bench when Serbia played a 1-1- draw against Slovenia in Group C

Steven Fletcher is back in Wolverhampton and Chris Berra was on the bench when Scotland finally did win by 2-1 after a goal in the 97th minute (!)l by McManus – the player that fought with Berra and got the central defender spot in the team. They play in Group I

~ by paddytheflea on September 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “Kevin Doyle scores beautiful goal against Andorra (video)”

  1. Did it hit a defender, or did it go straight into the back like Guedioura’s goal?

  2. Superb ! Cant wait for those skills returning to the Mol !!!


  3. I saw Kevin Doyle socialising in Dublin on Saturday. I was delighted to see that he and his company were allowed their privacy. Dublin people noticed the hero and passed by, without insinuating themselves into his company. I guess this is why celebrities like coming to Dublin: they can enjoy themselves like normal people. Some of the Irish team have difficulty with the words of the Irish National Anthem. I have simplified the matter for them in my poem “Hour on a Bean,” which you will find on my web site. Also have a look at my song “Paddy Macaroni.”

    • Must be the reason for McCarthy taking Doyler off after an hour against Fulham, then. I can see no other. He had a plane to catch to Dublin. 😆

      Paddy Macaroni sounds great. I will look in and listen later.

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