Reserves: Halford tried a Jones and Cassidy & Hemmings on fire

A Reserves friendly game against Burton was played today behind locked doors at Compton.

We will probably see many of these during the season, and that’s a good thing. The players in the reserves and the Development team does not get enough playing time in the Reserves league – there are too few matches to keep them up and fit – so Wolves have to arrange extra games.

With Stearman, Elokobi, Hill, Halford and new signing Bent from start Wolves had plenty of skilled players from the first squad to strengthen the Development lads.

Winnall was very active the first half of an hour, but was forced off after getting hit with a kick in the face and Rooney came on for him. Bent and Hemmings had chances as well.

In the 40th minute Wolves got a free-kick just outside the area and Halford actually tried to do the same circus trick as Jones scored on, but the ball sailed close over the bar. Maybe it will get to be a Wolves trade mark in the future. 😆

A few minutes after half time Hemmings met a cross from Halford with his head deep into the area and scored Wolves first. And just after the hour he got his and Wolves second after a couple of blocks by the Barton keeper.

Davis, Rooney and Reckord combined to gain a couple of chances after that, but it was Jake Cassidy – coming in for Bent after the hour – that scored Wolves third when he converted a Hemmings cross from the left from the near post. And the young Welsh striker almost scored a brace in the dying minute of the game when he did beat two Burton defenders running forward in pace – but his shot was sadly denied by the keepers legs.

I didn’t of course watch the game myself, but this Cassidy guy seem really to be something extra. Only half an hour and close to a brace. I would really like to see more of him in the future!


WOLVES: McCarey, Ebanks-Landell, Stearman, Elokobi, Hill, Halford, Davis, Rooney, Winnall (Reckord 30), Hemmings, Bent (Cassidy 66).


~ by paddytheflea on September 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “Reserves: Halford tried a Jones and Cassidy & Hemmings on fire”

  1. This is not the first time Halford has tried the “flick & volley” routine. Some may remember he did it in the home game against Portsmouth last season and only a great save by David James down low to his left prevented a goal.

  2. Hi, I just wanted to say that although I am not a Wolves fan, I think your blog is probably the best one that I have ever come across, and it makes mine look absolutely amateurish. Keep up your brilliant effort, I shall be returning…well done mate!!

    • Thank you, Palmerstonblue!
      Im going to visit your site to have a look aswell. But I think it’s easy to get a good visual result in WordPress. And I still have a long way to go to perfection.

      • Paddy I read ur blog every day, and I know most of my mates do too. It’s top drawer, I actually think I’m addicted! Well done mate, keep it up! You bring us fans news and info before any other site.

      • Wow! Thank you for the praise, Sleath. Keeps me going.

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