Aaron Hughes, Fulham: It’s going to be a tough game

The Fulham FC defender Aaron Hughes has talked to Fulham FC.com about the game against Wolves. It seems that the players will not underestimate Wolves and recognises our strengths:

It’s a home game so you would say that it’s an opportunity to get three points on the board, but Wolves aren’t doing too bad themselves.

They’ve had a decent start and it’s going to be a tough game. When we played them here last year it was a hard-fought draw and we had to work hard for that. So it will certainly be the same this weekend.

By that he probably means that they will have to work hard – not that it will be a hard-fought draw -but the odds for a draw must be very high indeed.

Fulham have played three matches so far this season in the League – against Bolton and Blackpool away and against Manchester United at home – and all have been draws. And – as he says – we drew when we played them last season.

I believe both teams have developed since then, though. With a new manager in Fulham they are going forward more and we have the same old McCarthy, but we seem to play with two strikers upfront in the games this season instead of one.

One of the questions I use to ask myself before the games – when I like to know what the result will be – is if  the teams are satisfied with a draw. If the answers are two positives – but I don’t believe it will be this time – the chance of a draw is very high. Fulham only have three points so far and need to get three more against us, so I don’t believe that they will be cool with a tie.

So don’t believe people saying that Fulham will play for a draw in the game against us on Saturday. They will go for it and push on in hope to win the game. I hope our team are ready for that and can use their willingness to go forward  to launch fast counter-attacks – especially from our flanks.

We have the players to do that and I hope that will be the tactics Mick will apply on Saturday. If it works we will get at least a point – which I would take beforehand if possible – but we could also win the match if Wolves gets the first goal and manages to hold on to the lead. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I wish it was Saturday already! 😆



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One Response to “Aaron Hughes, Fulham: It’s going to be a tough game”

  1. Against Fulham we must certainly return to FOUR FIVE ONE with Doyle up front…

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