Tough League start for Wolves Women

Wolves Women started their  season in the Midland Combination League last weekend.

Unfortunately they lost at hom to Radcliffe Olympic with 4-2. It was a story of missed chances by the Wolves team and the Radcliffe team scored on theirs.

Just after ten minutes Rania Ramadan (appropriate name this time of year) scored their first and just after the half hour Chantelle Lewis netted their second.

Dani Selmes gave Wolves a chance to catch up when she scored just before halftime, but the second half started as the first, with Wolves missing chances. They pressured and had lots of corners, but nothing resulted.

So just after the hour Ramadan scored her second and the Radcliffe Olympic third. About five minutes later they scored a fourth and it was game over for Wolves Women, although Selmes scored a second when a few minutes were left on the clock.

Wolves will meet Northampton Town away on Sunday. They lost with 4-1 in their first game and are promoted to the league this season, so there are hopes for a better result then and there.


Wolves Women: Taylor-Cartwright, Bavington (Widdal 45), Williams, Perks, Salter (Owen 67), Morris, Pope (Walker 79), Quick, Selmes, Richards, Packer.  Not usedLarge.


~ by paddytheflea on September 9, 2010.

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