Loan Watch Keogh and Ikeme: You have to be prepared for a battle

Both Andy Keogh and Carl Ikeme spoke to the press today, keen on playing more for their Championship clubs while out on-loan.

Carl Ikeme is ready to fight for his shirt at Leicester as their former number one Weale will be back from injury:

Coming from Wolves you have to be prepared for a battle. I have always had to fight for my shirt with Matt, Wayne and Marcus. That has been the case for years. Every time one of us gets in we don’t seem to move, and it is the same here with Conrad and Chris. They are really good goalkeepers as well.

Hopefully, I can keep them out and they will be trying to keep me out as well. I want to keep playing games and try to improve, that is my goal. I enjoy working with the lads and the staff and I want to keep playing this month and see how it goes.
And Andy Keogh is in about the same situation when Bellamy and Bothroyd will be back soon:

It was tough on Tuesday and I think there were heavy legs out there against Leicester. We certainly didn’t have the same enthusiasm and energy as we did against Hull. As for me personally,

I have not played back-to-back 90 minute games in 10-12 months and the same can be said of players like Jason (Koumas), who has been injured and missed a bit of pre-season. So it’s tough at the moment, but players will get better with each game.

The problem for Andy Keogh, though, is that he doesn’t have much time to go to prove his value before the other strikers are back.

And Carl Ikeme has played two games for Leicester with very little to do for a goalkeeper. So no one of the two has proved themselves yet for their hosting clubs.

Can they do that on Saturday? Keogh and Cardiff will play Ipswich away and they lost out to QPR latest with three goals. Keane’s lads will be up and jumping to get points from a depleted Cardiff team. That will be a big test for Andy and I hope he will take it.

Carl Ikeme and Leicester will host top of the league team QPR in an encounter that will test Ikeme’s abilities to the limit.If he wants to keep his shirt and stay for longer than the month he got to play well come Saturday.

So take your chances and show that you are Wolves!



~ by paddytheflea on September 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Loan Watch Keogh and Ikeme: You have to be prepared for a battle”

  1. Why do you have a topless picture of Ikeme?

    • Hey Wolfie!
      Are you still awake?!
      Maybe you are on one of your travels and in another time zone?

      Why Ikeme is without shirt in my picture. Well, He is not playing for Wolves at the moment so I don’t wnat to use a picture of him with a Wolves shirt. But he is still our player, so I didn’t want to show a picture with him wearing a Leicester shirt. So the picture is kind of a compromise (I hope that he’s not freezing when out in the cold, though. :lol:)

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