Probable Team Lineups: Tottenham v Wolves

When Wolves came out victorious after the game away to Tottenham Hotspurs last season – after a very hard match when everybody did put in a shift – I was pretty sure they took the one chance in ten to beat an opposition far better than our team.

But when they did the same thing at home to Spurs I had to reconsider. There was more to it than a simple one time twist of fate and luck. Wolves managed to somehow neutralise the now Champions League teams attempts to attack.

And, yes, a goal in the third minute helped (Spurs fans can skip this part if it is to painful). 😆

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A season later with changes in both teams – an upgrading of skills and players of course – I ask myself if we could do it again?

A poster at BBC 606 for the Spurs could name two full Tottenham elevens that both – at least on screen – looked better than what we can put out in a single eleven. I became scared!

But they can’t put on two starting elevens. Admittedly they’ve got enough quality players for two teams, but the eleven they will start with will not be that much better than last season – especially not with Defoe injured and Van der Vaart doubtful – but I believe our team will.

Many of the players that started in this game last season will start again. Actually probably seven or eight of the eleven Wolves players (and maybe the same numbers in Spurs). But Wolves have evolved and have much more experience of Premier League than last season and the ‘add-ons’ that didn’t play have better skills aswell

Last season away to Spurs we had Berra and Craddock as a lock in our defence. Berra is now unavailable after a red card against Fulham, so Stearman will very probable take the role beside Craddock.  He has played there before, but not for a long time now. Last season he actually played at right back against Spurs, so he at least knows what it’s all about. He is a question mark, but I hope it will work out fine.

On the right back we now have Kevin Foley in his best position. An improvement to Stearman in my opinion. Foley actually played for half an hour for Edwards on right mid when he was injured in this match last season. The start of a long run for him in right midfield.

On the other side of defence Ward is still there and no one will move him. Not McCarthy – nor Aaron Lennon. Ward was the best player on the pitch last season when he stopped Lennon completely and he can absolutely do that again.

Our starting midfield last season – Edwards – Milijas – Henry – Jarvis – will have some changes to it. I believe that Jarvis will start on the right side like he has done before this season, but I’m not totally sure. Mick may bring a surprise here by putting Edwards on, who is ready to play after injury.

In that case Wolves could use Van Damme in the middle of the park with Henry and Jones in a 4-5-1. Jelle Van Damme has been the best of our new signings so far.

But the most probable lineup is that Van Damme will start on the left wing in a 4-4-2. Then Edwards could come on after an hour or so and Jarvis could change to the left wing.

After a rather weak performance against Fulham I believe McCarthy will play Dave Jones instead of Mancienne beside Henry. He did well coming in as a sub against Fulham and is a better passer of the ball than the Chelsea loanee.

Wolves played with Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and Kevin Doyle up front last season and I don’t believe in any changes there – if we play 4-4-2, that is.

Ebanks-Blake is in a much better shape than last season and could be a handful and a surprise to Spurs. And Doyle – well, Doyle is Doyle – always a threat to the opposition defence and always working hard as hell.

Have I forgotten something? Aaah, the Tottenham starting eleven. 😆 Well they have options on every position. I’ve tried to put together an eleven based on who they might need to rest, having played in the Champions League.

These are the probable starting elevens that I’ve come up with:


~ by paddytheflea on September 17, 2010.

11 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Tottenham v Wolves”

  1. Cudicini
    Kaboul Gallas Bassong BAE
    Bentley Jenas THUDD Bale

    Bentley because lennon needs a boot up the arse and to know his place isn’t secure and i know some would rest Bale but we need a win as top 4 is main priority above anything else and Bale is our best source!!!! rest bale for FA cup and carling… this is also on the presumable basis that king modfather and VDV will not be playing!

  2. Good observations. I was thinking Edwards will play too. And of course, Jones for Mancienne.
    The layout for the team sheets does look better with the white plates at the back Paddy, looks neater.
    Love your blog too.

  3. I’d go 4-5-1:

    hahnemann, foley, stearman, craddock, ward, guedioura or van damme, henry, mancienne, jones, jarvis, doyle.

    • I would go 4-5-1 aswell, John de wolf. But with Doyle on the right wing and Van Damme in the middle together with Henry and Jones and Jarvis on the left. And SEB up front with the possibility to bring Fletcher on.

  4. Very good read, i’m a spurs fan and i’d really really like to see Gomes play again, it’s not the same without him 🙂
    Keep up the good work, cheers from iceland.

  5. Spurs have played in the last 3 games and tomorrow will again play with 5 men accross the midfield , Modric was given all clear after the injury scare and Harry rested him against W.Bremen, so expect him to start behind Crouch the lone striker,Palacios also is fresh so i think he will come in too,Lennon needs a little rest and i can see Bentley starting , Lennon being kept on the bench , back four will be Kaboul, Gallas, Bassong, BAE, MF Bentley-hudd- Palacios-bale-Modric-crouch..Spurs are due to give someone a well and proper hiding, it could be wolves tomorrow..

    • When I’ve looked up how you have played it has been 4-4-2 at home and 4-5-1 (or 4-1-4-1, 4-2-3-1) away.

      Most of ypu lot seem to believe that Modric will play, but according to many papers and websites he is a doubt. Why risk him? But I could be wrong there.
      But if he is O-K he would play. I believe that ‘Arry will favor a 4-4-1-1-formation in the future. That because you have players like Van der Vaart and Modric to play ‘in the hole’. That way of play is something in between 4-4-2 and 4-5-1 in my book, depending on how active the player in the hole is defending and how low down thepitch he goes to pick up or get the ball.

      You could be right on Bassong playing in the middle. If Wolves will lose it will not be a hiding. We will not let many goals in today, I’m sure. And we will score at least one. Can you score two you will win or get a draw.

  6. I really like the idea to give Bentley a chance, as Lennon has lost it, and need to know that he need to do better to secure his place in the team, I also really hope to see VDV as he is such a fantastic player and need games to gel with the rest of the team.

    • I don’t believe that Redknapp will risk VDV. It would be folish to take the risk of getting your gem long term injured. And I believe Lennon needs matches to get in his free flying mood. We got Jarvis who is the same kind of pacy player and not equally good at crossing in the ball yet.
      The two will be interesting to watch – if both will play – who will be the better one on the day?

  7. Whole 90 mins on Football First Sky sports 2 (chan 401) and Sky sports 2HD (Chan 409) tonight at 8:25pm

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