On The Subject Of Lee Hughes

There will probably bee some ‘extra spice’ to the match tonight against Notts County, as striker Lee Hughes will play upfront in the team.

For those of you who might not know Lee Hughes is an Albion fan and a former player in the yoyo- team down the road from Wolverhampton.

He has – admittedly – scored some goals on Wolves when he played for the Tesco’s and he has said in interviews that he does not particulary like Wolves.

Many of the Wolves faithful are not particulary fond of Lee Hughes either, and on several occasions there has been some foul words uttered from the stands when he is playing against us.

The abuse escalated -and not only on Molineux – after he drove a Mercedes some seven years ago on the wrong side of the road after visiting a Pub.

He smashed into another car and one person died in that car and several were injured, some for life. After the accident Lee Hughes were nowhere to be seen for 36 hours. After that he went to the police and confessed that he was the one driving.

That behaviour is not unheard of when alcohol and drugs are involved in car accidents and there were accusations that Hughes had used both alcohol and cocaine just before of driving away with the car.

He got a six year sentence in court for that and after three he was let out – that’s the rule if you behave in a prison in Great Britain.

He is 34 today and says that he wants to play for County for the rest of his career. He deeply regrets the accident, of course, and he has also talked with the daughter of the diceased man from the car accident.

After serving the sentence Lee Hughes signed for Oldham and then he signed for Notts County, being one of the main reasons for them taking the step from League Two to League One last season.

Lee Hughes is still a very accomplished footballer – let’s not forget – who has scored 34 goals in the 50 games he has played for Notts County and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he scored against us tonight.

Why am I then bringing this clearly non-footballing issue to the surface again?

Firstly to explain the behaviour that some in the crowd probably will take to tonight.

Secondly as a warning for drunk driving. Just don’t do it! Hughes is a man marked for life because of what he did.

But also thirdly – I don’t at all approve of crowds who single out players in the opposite team to verbally abuse them. When I go to watch Wolves –  or to watch some other sport – I cheer and chant positively at the team in my heart and I don’t give a shit about the players in the other team on the grass.

I hope that the Wolves supporters will do the same tonight. I believe that positive incitement to the players and support for Wolves is a better way to help Wolves win than dissing the players in the opposing team

Manager McCarthy also has something to say about Lee Hughes on the official Wolves site today:

Until I walked into the press conference I’d never given this a solitary thought apart from the fact I know Lee Hughes is a good player and a goalscorer. But I know it makes a good story for people. It does concern me because whenever I turned up at grounds and got abuse, it only used to inspire me to do well.

It never bothered me at all and still doesn’t – and I get more now than I ever did. How many did I get abused at? 91 of them! I never played at Tranmere or the old Bristol Rovers one but I’ve been back as a manager and I got abused then!

Let me tell you though, fans will do exactly as they please and it won’t make a blind bit of difference what I say on the subject. Lee Hughes may have had it up and down the country but he’s also a good player who has scored goals wherever he has been. You tend to find that if there’s a good player scoring goals then the opposition tend to give you a bit of grief.

Let’s hope for a good game at Molineux  tonight – both on the pitch and at the stands. And a Wolves win of course. It’s high time for a good cup-run.


~ by paddytheflea on September 21, 2010.

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