Fletcher & Doyle – but otherwise best forgotten

I am very happy that Wolves will be among the sixteen that will be in the hat on Saturday.

Despite that McCarthy picked a rather strong team to play Notts County in the League Cup yesterday they went into difficulties. It was not until Steven Fletcher – and most notably Kevin Doyle – came on from the bench that Wolves really showed that they belong in another division than the League One team.

But this is not unheard of in the cup. Motivation is the  most important incentive to get results in sports and for Notts County this game meant much more than for Wolves.

There are of course many more explanations for Wolves looking rather weak as a team during most of the first ninety minutes of the game. The eleven who were playing from start were not used of playing together is one and – of course – the team on the other side.

Notts County played after their resources and with great motivation. A certain Lee Hughes – who I wrote about pre-match yesterday HERE – had probably very much to do with motivating his team mates to give their all in this game – and he certainly did himself.

It was no surprise to me that Hughes was the player who scored the first goal in this match. Just before the hour he headed in a cross from Edwards and in his celebration he made his silly dance and rolled his shirt up and advertised the words ‘Boing Boing’ on his t-shirt. He was booked and there will probably be a fine.

A rather childish thing to do, but it very clearly showed the animosity (a mild word) between the Wolves fans and the controversial striker. When he became substituted about ten minutes later he raised his fist to the South Bank crowd – convinced that his goal was to be the decisive one of the match.

But the future had a surprise for Mr Hughes. After 80 minutes the central defender Liam Chilvers fouled Chris Berra in the penalty area and our team earned themselves a penalty and Chilvers was sent off. A decisive moment of the game, of course.

Nenad Milijas is very cool and professional at taking penalty kicks and I am glad that he was playing in this game. This is a fan-cam take I’ve found of the moment:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I don’t know why Wolves always has to leave it so late before producing goals in the cup.

By the way. One of my supporter friends told me that Wolves in fact did not have a single shot on goal that our opponents  keeper had to save for nearly six hours of play before a Guédioura long distance shot after the hour in this game.

That stats says that Wolves – despite our distinguished strikers available this season – are not creating enough chances at all – or at least we didn’t before Kevin Doyle came on to play at extra time yesterday.

The intensity of the Wolves game heightened when Doyle came on and Wolves had several chances and really looked as scoring in the beginning of extra time

I will not rate the players from cup games, but if I did Doyler would have been the one getting my star for sure. He helped Fletcher to score just after two minutes of extra time after being fed by Fletcher and his return pass was perfect and Fletch made no mistake placing it beside the Magpie keeper.

At the end of the first half of extra time the pair made almost a copy of their first goal together, but this time Fletcher’s shot bounced off the keeper and Doyler scored on the rebounce. He was really worthy of that goal, as he had done much of the job to gain it.

With six minutes left Notts County scored a surprise goal with a header, but there was no long worry, as Doyle scored his second a couple of minutes later after a pass from Guédioura. The match ended a as a comfortable 4-2 win for Wolves.

I believe that one thing stands very clear after this game. Ebanks-Blake had the full 90 minutes to prove that he should start in Premier League, but he did not.

Maybe he is out of form again for some reason or maybe the company of Bent was not the best. But he played with Fletcher for half an hour aswell, without producing.

But it could well be that he will prove me wrong. And I do not at all write him off permanently.

He will be excellent to have access to from the bench and I’m sure he can make a difference in some of the matches ahead.

The main striking couple for Wolves in Premier League are Kevin Doyle and Steven Fletcher. With them together I hope it will not take another six hours before Wolves will challenge a goalie for a save.

Other than that there is not much more to say, really. Apart from the co-operation between Doyle and Fletcher this match is best forgotten.

Wolves: Hennessey, Halford, Elokobi, Foley (capt), Stearman, Berra, Guedioura, Milijaš, Ebanks-Blake (Doyle 90), Bent (Fletcher 72), Mouyokolo (Mujangi Bia 62).

Unused subs: Hehnemann, Ward, Jones, Mancienne.


(Highlights in right margin as usual)


~ by paddytheflea on September 22, 2010.

One Response to “Fletcher & Doyle – but otherwise best forgotten”

  1. Mr Flea I could have sworn I had written this myself…. absolutely agree with everything you say.

    Those who’ve been touting that sen is ready for starts please refer to last nights farce before piping up. He’s a good championship player, not premier.

    Its easy to fob it off as just a cup game… but if you are a fringe player, what better opportunity to show Mick that you should be starting, and put in twice as much effort… But only Hennessey and the Substitutes (thats a great band name) can look themselves in the mirror today.


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