Loan Watch: Posh lost but Nat is improving

Nat Mendez-Laing played for 70 minutes when Peterborough United hosted Swansea in the League Cup yesterday.

Swansea started the best and got the first goal when dangerous former Chelsea winger Scott Sinclair cut inside and shot at goal. The Posh keeper saved but after a couple of bounces the ball was back with Sinclair who put it in the net.

Speedy winger Sinclair operated at the same wing as Mendez-Laing and with former Wolves player Little still out injured on the right back Posh had a reserves right back, Nana, against one of the very best wingers in the Championship. That did them no good.

But with a goal behind Posh really started to fight and it resulted in a goal. Charlie Lee showed that they too had fast runners and he crossed the ball back to Mackail-Smith who just had to tap it in and Posh had leveled the score.

They almost got a second just minutes later, but the Welsh keeper saved with some trouble. Halfway into the game Mackail-Smith came free with the keeper and was clearly brought down by him, but no penalty was awarded.

Sinclair continued to be a threat to Posh, though, and he ran past Mendez-Laing and Nana with ease. On the other end Mackail-Smith were dragged down two more times in the area, without the referee pointing at the spot. Sinclair, though, could score his second, when he outwitted Nana once again and slotted the ball in for Swansea to take the lead once more.

Just before halftime Mendez-Laing launched a shot at the Welsh keeper, but he made a comfortable save.

In the second half Sinclair continued to be a danger to the Posh side, but as in the first half the home team had their moments. And the referee continued to neglect calls for fouls on the Posh players aswell as the Swansea side.

Seven minutes into the half Mendez-Laing had a chance inside the box, but the shot missed to the left of the target.

The game was decided fifteen minutes before time when first Mackail-Smith shot the ball over the bar from two yards out, but Sinclair made no mistake at the other end two minutes later and fired Swansea to the next round of the League Cup and made himself a hat-trick.

The Posh manager Greg Johnson was upset about the poor referee after the game and the fans were booing at the referee in the second half. But at the same time it was Sinclair and Swansea who took their chances and Posh did not.

A Posh blogger gave Mendez-Laing a fiver in his ratings and wrote: “He’s improving and is a threat going forward but defensively he still has much to learn.

That sounds good! I hope he will learn more at Peterborough.



~ by paddytheflea on September 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Loan Watch: Posh lost but Nat is improving”

  1. I want Mendez-Laing to break into the Wolves first team.
    I love the guy.

    • Yes, but it’s really not so probable. with Kightly hopefully coming back, Jarvis, Hunt, Van Damme etcetera, we have lots of good wingers.
      But he is very young so you’ll never know how far he can go.

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