Welcome to Football Country, GB!

– Welcome to Football Country, Great Britain. What can I do for you?

That’s the way that the Tourist Information in the West Midlands will answer their calls in the future.

All clubs from the West Midlands in the Premier League are through to the last sixteen in the League Cup – or Carling Cup as it is called nowadays

by a comfortable win against Notts County, Aston Villa by seeing Blackburn off, Birmingham Cirty by trashing MK Dons and the ones down the road (WBA) by a lucky win against Manchester City.

Is this a coincidence? I think not! The game of football is on the up in the area and the teams are thriving and they all seem to have owners who are reasonably wealthy with an interest to invest in their clubs and teams development.

The Football Country Four also got very good managers for their teams. Surely everything points at a new golden age in the West Midlands and that one of the teams will win the cup above this season?!

I mean – look at Merseyside – Both Liverpool and Everton are out of the League Cup – and that against League Two competition. Both clubs have problems with the owners who can’t invest enough to keep them among the best in the Premier League any longer. Their time at the top is over and there’s only one way to go.

So I say that the future of British football is to be found in the West Midlands. Look no further. This is it. Welcome to Football Country, GB!


Wolves Chairman Steve Morgan - Master Of The Momentum -got out of Liverpool in the nick of time and moved to Football Country, GB at just the right time

~ by paddytheflea on September 23, 2010.

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