Karl Henry lost it

Wolves started the game against Wigan very bright, having lots of ball and passing it along very well.

Surprisingly Wolves started with a 4-5-1-formation with Fletcher on the right wing, perhaps a little over cautious as Wigan showed no real quality at all going forward.

But the match decisive moment came as early as the tenth minute, when Karl Henry – captain (at least up til now) – lost his head and ran five yards and then rammed a Wigan player to the ground without hitting the ball. The referee could do absolutely nothing but show the red card to the perpetrator.

The rest of the half Wolves played well, considering having only ten men. But the good start and the Wolves initiative in the game was lost, of course.

No changes were made to the Wolves team at halftime but five minutes into the second half Fletcher went off and Elokobi came on, taking the left back position while Ward moved up midfield.

A Wigan goal was expected, as they came closer and closer to the Wolves area with their attacks. The Wolves midfield sat in the lap of the back four as Wigan pressed hard.

On such an occasion after the hour Edwards was fouled – a little harsh in my opinion – and Wigan got a free just outside the area. Gomez launched a hard shot that went into the net high up to the right of Hahnemann who were late to react, caught on the wrong foot. But it was a hard one and there was probably not much to do for the Wolves keeper.

After that I – and many with me – expected Wolves to push a little more forward – despite being one man short, but that was not the case. The respect for Wigan seemed very big and the Wolves team remained in a defensive position most of the time.

The last ten McCarthy tried to get an equaliser by bringing on both Ebanks-Blake and Bent, but a second goal to Wigan by striker Rodallega  – with some help from Chris Berra – on a counter attack, sealed the faith of Wolves and Wolves were defeated with 2-0 without even having a shot on goal.

The match was of course decided by the mistake of Karl Henry after only ten minutes. I don’t know if the fans will ever forgive him for this. The question is if Henry has totally lost it, being accused of playing dirty the last weeks.

I would be surprised if he doesn’t at least gets a three match ban for the dirty foul. And I believe he deserves it. I am very angry at him!

But McCarthy could have done better coaching his team after the sending off, and especially after the Wigan goal. Wolves should have taken more chances going forward earlier on in the game than after eighty minutes.

I will not give any ratings in this game, but Mancienne and Foley played well in the first half and Craddock was a rock as always.

Wigan didn’t show anything to me that they will be in the Premier League next season. But the risk that we will follow them down is growing.


P.S. If you want to suffer there is a link to highlights in the right margin as usual.D.S.

~ by paddytheflea on October 2, 2010.

10 Responses to “Karl Henry lost it”

  1. If this continue I vote for Craddock as captain. Karl Henry let everybody down today – very unprofessional (and he just laughed).
    The game today call for changes.

  2. Have to agree with the last comment. Hurts me to say but I fear for us especially if we dont take 3 points against west ham. Time for Mick to step up to the mark and pick a team who can win matches which means dropping his chumpionship favourites foley berra ward jones and edwards and playing the players he spent the money on, players who will add something to our one dimenssional play. Mouyokolo milijas hunt zubar and van damme all to start for me fitness pending of course. Massive month ahead for the Wolves. Great blog keep up the good work!!

  3. I am quite glad Henry got that red, unfortunately it led to another lose but at least it means no Henry for at least 3 games. Looking forward to seeing Milijas in the team (at least we will see some shots on goal).
    Hopefully Mick start Van Damme instead of Ward and lets hope we can get a win against West Ham. With 4 loses and 4 very tough matches after West Ham I pray we don’t stretch our losing streak from 4 to 9!!!

  4. I watched the game and the reply a couple of times (courtesy of living overseas)
    First, Wigan are a pub team frankly
    We should have beaten them with 10 men and I believe the fact we didn’t is down to managers negative tactics again and poor team selection.
    I have fully supported MM since day one.
    But here is the question, could this squad of players perform better and easily secure premier league survival under another manager?
    I now believe the answer is yes

    On other thoughts, Elokobi has earned a first choice place ahead of Ward I believe

    • These ‘if it was not for’-questions are very hard to answer with any certainty, of course.
      But I do believe that the coaching by McCarthy was very weak and too defensive yesterday. After the Wigan goal Wolves should have made a couple of changes and tried harder to push forward trying to equalise.

      But I’m still behind McCarthy. Sadly, though, the position of Henry is the only one that he has not covered with a sub who can do the same job. Mancienne is not the same kind of player. I would like Foley to take the role of Henry against West Ham. He would to a good job there, in my opinion. Probably better than Henry!

  5. Here we sat, across the other side of the world and I could hear the sighs as Henry’s reckless challenge sent us spiriling toward another loss. Time for Henry to go. He is not the leader for this side – too reckless and spends most of his time passing backwards.

  6. out of darkness as they say ….. could be a blessing in disguise . i think that now we have no choice but to reset our midfield . Manciene , in my eyes is developing into a fantastic player , and as much as i admire henry , there is now achance for manciene to take his roll andand put some creativity along side him in the form of milijas . with edwards on the bench for when he runs out of steam or has to pop off for a fag .

    • I’m not a big fan of Henry – especially not after yesterday – but I’m not so sure that Mancienne can replace him. especially not with Milijas or Edwards at his side. The team will be too weak defensively in my opinion.

      But put Van Damme or Foley – our best defensive player – beside Mancienne in a 4-2-3-1 and I’m in. I want Wolves to play with this formation and players after the international break:

      ——- Hahnemann ——-
      Zubar – Craddock – Mouyokolo – Elokobi
      —– Foley – Mancienne/Van Damme —
      Hunt —— Milijas ——- Jarvis
      ———- Doyle ———

      Jones and Edwards can be subs for Milijas and Fletcher and Ebanks-Blake for Doyle, of course.
      fletcher can also sub for Hunt and SEB for Jarvis.

      This is a formation that can do a task both in defense and when moving forward. It’s especially adapted to play the top teams in the league.

  7. I also dont know why we bother paying SEB and Bents wages.. they are useless… completely ineffective at this level… hell, they couldnt even get a shot on against Notts COunty… if we’d have had Keogh and Van Damme come on instead of those two we may yet have got something out the game… too much favouritism again… Ward, Berra, SEB, all useless at this level yet get game after game after game Im bloody sick of it. heaven help us if we dont beat west ham.

  8. Basically Wolves can’t keep clean sheets and they don’t score many goals. Add these together and it equals relegation IMO. I like some of your players but just don’t think you have enough to stay in the top flight. MM is making some odd decisions- why isn’t he playing SEB after such a bright start? This can only knock his confidence.

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