Set the Wolves free!

This is not fair! Wolves are playing very well and should win the match against a Hammers team with few chances. But we can’t score on our chances and that is partly due to bad luck, but also to players lack of killer instinct and cool heads.

But most of all I am gutted that referee Clotenburg judged the Foley incident as a penalty. Thought it was very harsh when I first saw it and even more so when I’ve watched a re-run.

I am the first person to acknowledge the difficulties in the fast football of today for the referee to see every incident that takes place, but he was well placed on this and clearly he should have let Foley off the hook.

Wolves had a fantastic first half with Jarvis dominating the pitch as Wolves went forward. Mancienne and Jones did a beautiful job in Henrys’s absence and everything looked bright as hell with a goal after only ten minutes and more of them waiting in the hall-way.

But – as usual – we didn’t seize the momentum we had in the first half and with the ill judged penalty and a West Ham team pushing on better in the second half, we managed only a draw in the end.

But it was a perky Wolves team – but perhaps without the final edge to it – that promises much for the future.It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Wolves will upset some of the more known teams that we will face in the upcoming games.

But I’m still gutted about that penalty – and the fact that Mr Grant has the guts to claim that THEY were robbed – and will be back with the ratings when I’ve cooled off from the sentiments popping up. This was our game!


(Link to highlights in the right margin as usual)


Referee Buttenburg


~ by paddytheflea on October 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Set the Wolves free!”

  1. I look forward to your full comments, but I actually thought a penalty wasn’t an unreasonable decision yesterday (unfortunately). Don;t think it was deliberate – the two players got tangled up, but Foley was behind, and the West Ham player wouldn’t have gone down if Foley hadn’t run into him, fallen over and taken him down as he fell. Didn’t see the West Ham player pulling Foley, so I’ve got it down as another stupid penalty conceeded.

    More annoyed that we let the decision completely get to us and gave up going forward.

  2. Then you should have seen the cheating scum chamakh’s dive… disgraceful. almost as disgraceful as thick micks team selection.

    We’ve had enough of mick playing his favourites when talent doesnt even make the bench. no clean sheet in sight and the the big 4 next.

    O’ Neill Please.

  3. You appear to have more faith than me Paddy. I will be amazed if we even gain 1 point from the next 4. And Mick, it’s 90 minutes per game not 45. What the he’ll happened!?
    This season continues to have a nasty smell about it and the only way he can turn it round is if he starts playing our best players in their best positions. Sadly, at the moment, it appears our manager doesn’t know who is best where!
    Hell Mick, you bought them, you SHOULD know!!!!!

  4. Blame the list of injuries. The only thing I questions with yesterdays lineup is that Ward plays for Elokobi, I also think Bia could’ve featured more. With both Bia and Jarvis we would have had 2 winger, not one and a half. Bia scored two goals and could have scored hattrick a couple of matches ago for our reserves.

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