Analysis and Interview: Manchester United v Wolves

The Wolves manager Mick McCarthy was – as usual lately – devastated by the result of the match against Manchester United in the cup, but pleased with the play and the effort.

He said to the Wolves Official site:

The second half had to be better than the first when it looked like neither team wanted to win it. I’m sure we both gave the same team talk at half time – ‘pull your finger out because it’s there to be won‘.

The game opened up and was a far better contest and more entertaining. We played well and had enough chances to have won it and I’m sure I sound like a broken record. We did have a spell when we were on top but we have to take those chances. Beaten again on the finishing line. And again we played some good football. But what differs against other games were that we did score two goals.

“Again I’m pleased with the performance but disappointed with the result. The lads are great, and their spirit and character has never been in question. We played well on Saturday but couldn’t put the ball in the net and we’ve played well last night and scored two but conceded three. We came and took them on and played football against them.

We guessed they would play 4-4-2 and we’ve done the same and matched them in every respect except putting the ball in the net just like Chelsea on Saturday. We had enough chances to have won that game but they bring on Hernandez who’s Johnny-on-the-spot at the moment – a fabulous player and a great goalscorer – and he wins them the game in the last minute.

I watched him on Sunday at Stoke and forget his goals, his all-round performance was just terrific. We all know why Sir Alex is putting him on because they want him to go on and get the winner. But it’s our own fault and our own undoing because we should have scored when we had the chances. I’m just disappointed I’m standing here as a beaten manager – it’s another good performance but it’s another defeat unfortunately.

Yes. Hernandez – or Chicarito as it reads on his shirt – is a very skilled young Mexican player. His nckname means ‘Little pea’ and his father – also a Mexican international footballer (as his father also) – was named ‘The pea’.

I’ve followed him since he was signed by United prior to the World Cup and it was said then that he is a Ole Gunnar Solkjaer type of player. So it is no surprise for me that he scored the decisive goal late yesterday.

It really was a first half that pleased no-one. But Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and Matt Jarvis looked up to it from start. SEB had a couple of chances already in the first half. But – as McCarthy says above – they got to take them.

I’m not going to do any ratings for this game, as I watched it on a bad stream on a small laptop, but Both Jarvis and Ebanks-Blake played very well as did Foley and Elokobi.

It was no surprise that both of the full-backs scored. They really deserved it in this match as they both defended and attacked very well. But it is troublesome that our forwards don’t find the net.

Last nights weak spot was the inner midfield. Jones – and especially Mancienne – had big problems. Especially Mancienne who looked ‘sleepy’.

Mouyokolo did well and had glimpses of greatness, especially in the second half. And Hennessey did a very good match and it is good to know that the team will not be weakened if Hahnemann gets injured or fails to show class.

Hunt did some good stuff, but was awful at passing the ball. But I’m sure he will get better precision with match fitness returning and the know-how about how his team-mates moves on the pitch. It will be good to have quality players at both wings, that’s for sure. And they shifted wings a couple of times aswell. Splendid!

Kevin Foley scoring for Wolves at Old Trafford

Conclusion. Not too sad about it, really. We have to concentrate on the league anyway. Another good performance by the team and our passing of the ball and ability to create chances is improving by the game.

I hope our key players will be fit and ready on Saturday. Then we can look forward to give Manchester City a run for the money. And – not to forget – for the points.


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~ by paddytheflea on October 27, 2010.

5 Responses to “Analysis and Interview: Manchester United v Wolves”

  1. It’s Erick, the Mexican Wolves fan here!
    I can’t help but just wonder what might have been if Wolves would have signed Chicharito earlier than Manchester.
    Great player.
    Good performance by the Wolves though.
    Win, lose or tie,
    I’m Wolves until I die!

    • Chicharito will be very much heard about for years to come and United really need that hope with Chelsea looking a class better for the moment and Arsenal looks sharp, young and hungry aswell.

      Let’s hope we can produce players like him in our academy. But the little pea is probably one in a million. He has both the right genetics and the upbringing and role models in his father and grandfather. No academy can give you that.

  2. In the first half in which both teams were pretty awful the second half turned out to be an excellent game. A good team performance – Mouyokolo, Foley, SEB, Jarvis, Elokobi stood out for me. Hunt looked predicitably rusty in the first half but improved as the game went on. Jones had a fair game but he is so one footed! Manc was dissapointing and I was not impressed with Steven Fletcher and was hoping MM would replace him, so I was not pleased with SEB coming off – he looked sharp. Once Jarvis got going in the second half he caused them all sorts of problems and I would have left him on rather than take him off after 85 mins, without him we looked lost. Hennesey did all that was asked of him and made a couple of excellent saves. All in yet another game were we played well and lost. I go into the next match v Man City confident we can get 3 points. 🙂

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself, sevlow. I agree totally.
      But McCarthy justifies taking off Jarvis by the risk for exhaustion and niggles in the last minutes. Perhaps that goes for SEB aswell. SEB looked so good on the night that I really want to see him on Saturday against City.

  3. The first half was a dissapointing. Our players didn’t have the motivation to play the game at a higher pace (unless the Man U took the lead). If we’d done that I really think we could have won the game. Ebanks Blake was our best striker in this game, no doubt about that.Elokobi did alright too. Fun to see him take out speedy Bebe sometimes – very big and pacey he is, 🙂 Big George

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