Sam Vokes suffers new injury blow

Actually it’s not really news as it happened a few days ago, but Sam Vokes has suffered a new injury blow.

When training for Wolves being just a few days from a long due come-back for Bristol City – who he is out on loan to – he torn his tendon.

Apparently it is connected to his original injury – the torn hamstring – that he has been out injured for 13 weeks for now.

The Bristol City manager Keith Millen said to Bristol Evening Post a couple of days ago:

It’s a big blow for us. When Sam first picked up the injury, we were told he would be back playing in about six weeks. Well, we’re now into the 13th week and there’s still no sign of his coming back to us. His rehabilitation went quite well and he was back in training and just a few days away from coming back down to Bristol. That’s when he had a problem.

Sam was training with Wolves when the hamstring went again. I’ve been told it’s not as bad as the first time he did it, but he’s strained the tendon and it’s set him back. We’re not sure how long he is going to be out, but it doesn’t look great in terms of him playing for us.

I can do nothing but hope that Sam Vokes will be back playing soon. He need matches to further his development into Premier League quality.

Perhaps he should be cautious of the number 13 aswell in the future. He played for 13 minutes before he got injured at Bristol and he was out for 13 weeks before he was injured again. Spooky!




~ by paddytheflea on November 2, 2010.

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