Probable Team Lineups: Manchester United v Wolves

The reactions after the Manchester City match in some media were of course positive to Wolves performance, but most of the rags and internet sites only writes about the shortages of the City team and seem not to appreciate or acknowledge the fantastic play of the Wolves team.

Wolves can change that by taking a Manchester double on Saturday. Then it will stand clear for everybody – even the media – that Wolves are a terrific team. But is it really doable?

To beat Manchester United at Old Trafford if of course one of the hardest tasks in the footballing world. They haven’t lost so far this season and they lost only two matches the last at the home grounds. But they have drawn, and that against our lesser neighbours down the road while leading by two goals.

A second thing that play in Wolves favour is the matching of the United team. They engaged in the Champions League on Tuesday and they will play the big derby against City on Wednesday followed by a trip to Birmingham meeting Villa next Saturday.

A third thing that talks for Wolves really standing a chance to steal some points on Saturday is of course the fact that the injury situation in the Manchester Club causes them problems.

Rooney is of course out and Nani was slightly injured against Bursaspor and will probably not be risked against Wolves. Fletcher is also out injured and Anderson is doubtful after a virus. Since earlier they have injuries on Owen, Valencia, Giggs and Haregreaves – all very good players – so it will weaken them, of course.

But they stay strong at the back. With Ferdinand back in the team together with Vidic they have one of the most impressive central defences in the world. Evra and Rafael will probably play as their full-backs, that will be something to thew on for Hunt and Jarvis.

But it’s in midfield and the striking department that they have suffered losses, but Scholes and Carrick is back in contention and will probably play from start. The flanks and forwards we partly know from the League Cup game.

What about the Wolves team, then? Kightly still injured, of course, and so is Guédioura. Craddock and Zubar are still out for another week at least. But that’s all.

The Wolves team almost picks itself after the performances in the last games in my opinion. The only spot that McCarthy may ponder on is the one between the uprights. Hahnemann looked a bit shaky against City and Hennessey did it good against United in the cup. I would do a swap, but I’m not sure about Mick.

What about the result, then? Well, I told you the right one last week, so let’s have a try again. I believe that Wolves will pick a point against United, but just one. The United defence is hard to penetrate, but they are wing-clipped going forward. It will be one goal for each team.

Here are the probable starting elevens in the game on Saturday:


~ by paddytheflea on November 5, 2010.

12 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Manchester United v Wolves”

  1. Evra is left back and Rafael right. More likely also that Obertan and Park will switch sides.

  2. Hahnemann injured? Why would Hennessey be playing instead our the number 1?

    • Read the text, Phillygee. Hahnemann did mistakes against City and Hennessey did well against United in the cup.

  3. Hahnemann of course

    • You may be right, but I’m not so sure. It would be fair to give Hennessey a chance when he is doing well and Hahnemann looks to have a dip in form. And McCarthy is a fair manager.


    • You have the ‘little pea’ who can decide the game all by himself (and did it in the cup against us), but if we can limit his chances we can get a draw. That’s my honest opinion.

  5. Sorry Paddy. You are very mistaken about Hahnemann. Why should he lose his place because of a couple of ‘mistakes’ that were not a liability to the team and in a match that was won. Hennessey let in three against the much changed United team. And by the way how many matches did Wolves win because of Hahnemann’s brilliance?

    • A keeper is only as good as his last game, Alfred, and Hahnemann did not have a good one last. But I agree that he has been brilliant for us and I rate him very high this season and the last.

  6. You’ve also got Jarvis on the wrong side. Did you do this in the mirror?

    • Haha!
      No, bruce, Jarvis will start on that side, I’m sure. But our wingers will probably switch sides during the game. They can play on either side.

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