Mick The Marathon Man

When analysing for the game Football Manager they found out that managers in the Premier League move a lot up and down the chair and up and down the sideline in the technical area. And guess who walked the extra mile?

That’s right, Mick McCarthy of Wolverhampton Wanderers, of course!

The Premier League managers average at 25.1 miles a season (40.4 km). Mick McCarthy takes the record at 36.1 miles (58 km). And that is in the Premiership alone. They have counted in Champions League and the Cups for the average.

Here’s a list of the 5 on top:

Mick McCarthy, Wolves – 36.1 miles (58 km)

Chris Hughton, Newcastle – 31.8 miles (51.2 km)
Steve Bruce, Sunderland – 27.6 miles (44.4 km)
Tony Pulis, Stoke – 21.2 miles (34.1 km)
Ian Holloway, Blackpool -17 miles (27.4 km)

Miles Jacobson on Football Manager says:

People assume that once a football match starts, the manager just sits back and watches the action unfold. But the modern manager is so passionate about the game and under more pressure than ever to achieve the best results. More often than not they are found pacing anxiously up and down or jumping from the dugout in excitement at a goal or frustration at what they deem to be a poor refereeing decision.

The managers of the top teams are the ones that moves the shortest distance during a season. It is speculated that it is anxiety about the result that makes the managers in the teams lower down the tables to cover a longer distance during a game.

Maybe they have a reason to get upset about referee decisions more often than the top four and moves up the bench of that reason as well?!

Anyway. The Champion of the Premier League at ‘manager marathon’  is our own manager Mick McCarthy. I knew that Wolves would win something this season. Give the man some silverware! 😆


P.S. Yes. I know this is a publicity stunt for Football Manager. But I’m not pushing it. Paddytheflea recommends you to go and watch a game instead of buying that crap!


~ by paddytheflea on November 6, 2010.

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