Crisis in Arsenal will benefit Wolves

It was no coincidence that Arsenal lost against Newcastle in the weekend. They have troubles with their team and monsieur Wenger seem to have his attention turned at other matters.

The biggest concerns for the club and the team is of course the under par performance of Cesc Fabregas. According to the man himself it has to do with a lingering injury that’s not fully healed, due to too many games.

The good news is there’s no tear on the hamstring, nothing, It’s just a little bit of fluid but it keeps coming back and it’s very annoying.

We are working on it, looking at my hips because they are always very tight.

We have to work on it but also understand that I am 23 and I’ve played many, many games. It’s a lot of games for my age and I have to take care of myself.

Perhaps it’s understandable that they match their brightest shining star hard – as he is so vital for their build up play and in going forward – but he clearly needs a rest to recover. I find it foolish by Wenger taking the risk of having him sidelined for a longer time, picking up a more severe injury.

Maybe Wenger is a tad out of balance because of all the tabloids and blogs writings about his affair with a waitress and singer?

This is probably not regarded at all as controversial in France as in England. French journalist would probably leave it out of their writings as a common private matter, but monsieur Wenger is in England now and will suffer the full force of the gossip rags. Not an ideal situation to manage a football team in, one could think.

The latest in this ‘affair’ is of course the mistress coming out in the media and it develops to a so-called ‘kiss-and-tell-story”.

I am not a good time girl. I don’t go to the discotheque looking for footballers.I don’t care about being famous. I don’t want to be recognised in the street. I am not doing this for money. We were in love.

He promised me things. He said he wanted me to stay with him for the rest of his life. Now I would like him to understand it’s not a game to play with people’s emotions. I truly loved him.

Oh dear, oh dear. This is not how it is done in the flea-world, so I find myself amazed about these writings. There are even rumours that the poor girl (maybe not anymore 😆 ) is pregnant.

If not these matters will take Arsenal and Wenger out of balance or at least weaken the team, the fact that their centre-half Laurent Koscielny will serve a ban and be out against Wolves surely will.

Another concern for the Londoners is that Van Persie – recently back after injury – didn’t perform at all against Newcastle Sunday and Wenger admits it was too early to bring him on.

“We pushed him in too early because I had to do something. You saw it was very difficult for us to score a goal and there is always a set-piece or a cross or a pass where he can make a difference.

It is a plus (to have Van Persie back) but you can see he is not ready.”

So, yet another sign of a team in crisis. Something that Wolves of course can benefit from on Wednesday. Wolves also have had a day more than Arsenal to reload the batteries after their latest game

For those of you who think I’m gloating in other teams misery with this article I would say that you are totally correct.

I will rejoice in any troubles our opponents have if this gives Wolves an advantage when we take them on. Wolves is my concern, nothing else. We had some advantages when we met City and some against United because of injuries on their players.

Taking care of the players and the team is part of the game and it seems as Wolves and manager McCarthy are better than the big four at this and that is a good thing.


~ by paddytheflea on November 9, 2010.

7 Responses to “Crisis in Arsenal will benefit Wolves”

  1. Let’s hope we attack them and don’t sit back and try to defend. We show too much respect to the likes of Man Utd, Arsenal & Chelsea and I really feel that this year more than ever they are vulnerable. We just need to be bold enough to take the opportunity!

    • I totally agree with you, Chris R. We have to press them high up the pitch not to let them build up their play unattacked. I believe we have the strength and the team to do it, it’s a matter of confidence, and despite the loss against United I believe we have confidence in abundance,

  2. Look at the league table. Look somewhere around second from bottom. There, you found a club in crisis.

    • Not at all. The Wolves team and the supporters are very confident that this is a temporary thing and our play will take us up the tables very quick, probably starting by tomorrow. He who laughs last has the lasting laugh. 😆

  3. Crisis, Paddy? You wish! Still, it’s an interesting game at an interesting time. Let’s hope it’s a cracker. Condfidence is not high but I still expect the Arsenal to win. Expectation: that’s the added pressure of being at or near the top for so long. Always enjoy my visits to the Wolves’ ground – steeped in history.

    • You are very welcome, of course, shooy. Sure it is something of a crisis when a couple of your best players are doubtful at start. And I didn’t even mention Nasri in the article.

      On paper you should win this. But we play on grass at the Molineux and anything could happen. Especially as our play works very well at the moment and the team finally ‘clicks’ for the first time in years.

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