Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Arsenal FC

Time to play Arsenal – the last one in a long row of  quality teams – at home in Wolverhampton.

I believe that Wolves will benefit from this intense quality matching in the games to come. Now the team have the tempo and they have developed better passing skills and if the lads can keep that up they will take lots of points the coming seven games, when we meet with teams more on our level, so to speak.

But what about tonight, then? Any chances to take points? Of course there are! We play at home and every game at home is winnable, especially if the team play as well as they have done in the latest three games.

And Arsenal do have a crisis as I wrote in my previous article (HERE). But the latest news from Arséne Wenger says that Cesc Fabregas is totally injury free now, so he will probably start for the Gunners.

With three under par goalkeepers they have a tough choice to make (between pest, ebola and cholera :lol:) but I believe they will stick with Fabianski. I hope we can use this weakness by launching more shots at goal than we use to. But if Chelsea had a keeper like Fabianski instead of Cech, we would have won against them for sure.

No success with their appeal against a red card means that Djorou will come on at central defence instead of Koscielny.

With van Persie still not totally match fit I believe he will start on the bench and my guess is that he will have company of Nasri there (a minor calf problem, but Wenger might not want to risk him from start).

What about the Wolves team, then? Well. I’m not sure if McCarthy want to rest players for the Saturday game or if he believes that they all can take playing three games in eight days.

The first ones I would think of resting would be Hunt and Milijas – not because of their previous performances – but because they are not used to play this many games in a short time and they may not yet have the physical strength to do it.

If Mick comes to the same conclusion Jones would come in for Milijas and I believe Ebanks-Blake would play on the right-wing, as he did when he came in (and scored) against United.

But this is a rather wild guess from me and to be honest I really find it more probable that McCarthy will play the same team from start that have done so well recently.

So below are the probable starting elevens in tonight’s game at Molineux.

(The result? I have a good feeling. 2-0 to Wolves!)



~ by paddytheflea on November 10, 2010.

14 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Arsenal FC”

  1. Arsenal fan here, it’s a good time to play us. We are there for the taking. I think you will get at least a draw.

  2. 2-0!! I’ll have some of that!

  3. Where is Nasri? I prefer Rosisky while Walcot come in second half. Walcot is an advantage to us when opponents are tired. If he is coming in first half, he should try to learn how to alternate in wings and not stayput in a place where he is not given space to move.

    I want to always see an unpridictable arsenal. That could shoot at ball atimes and dribble atimes. Not for opponents to know that we must always dribble. Walcot will use speed to cheat them. I love the dangerous passes of Rosisky. We should consider him.

  4. i have a feeling the score tonight will be wolves 1 arsenal 9.

  5. holy shit 2-0 ???
    you’re telling me that walcott isnt going to absolutely murder ward and thread 8 crosses a minute into our box???

    we never get anything against the arsenal, and with our inability to defend i doubt tonight will be anydifferent.

    However, I do think we will score, perhaps even 2, but Arsenal will porbably score more.

    All i can hope for is a 2-2 snuck point


    • You are under estimating our defence Ad Mant, but I admit to be a little worried about ar left flank. But if Jarvis, Berra and Milijas gets instructions to help Ward out there it will be o-k.

  6. I always dispair when I now see “I wanna run off home to Barcelona” Fabregutless in our team.
    Hope Arsenal win, but with our current form it could be 6-0 Gunners, or 4-1 Wolves…..who knows!!!!

  7. 4-0 in favour of arsenal, period!

  8. gunners forever,we are hammering wolves tonight.let the canons roar!!

    • You will be deeply disappointed at your team during and after this game with that attitude, palidje. But let me tell you as a comfort that it’s not only your players fault, It will be our players that will play them out of the park – or out of Molineux as it will be this time. Welcome to our reality and your nightmare. The one we call Wolverhampton Wanderers. 😆

  9. Give mancienne a go at left back! got nothing to loose against the arsenal tonight, ward is going to get murdered but mancienne isnt a centre back so try him at left back

    • Could be a solution, andywolf. Let’s hope they have solved the left flank problem at Compton and know how to deal with it tonight. They are no fools, you know. They have all seen what we have seen.

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