Wolves v Arsenal – Devils v Angels?

Is this the clash between the angels of the Premier League and the devils?

I’m of course referring to the extensive writings in the press describing the Wolves team as something coming from hell to destroy the beautiful sport of football.

And Arsenal is mostly depicted as a team that go about the game like ballet-dancers just running away from the opposition on light feet doing a pa-de-deux on the way with wings on their backs.

The Arsenal manager Arséne Wenger is always among the first to whine about hard tackles against his players, not aware of what the game is about as it seem.

But are then these accusations of the Wolves team and especially our captain Karl Henry correct? Let’s take some help from the stats:

Wolves are on 15th place with 24 yellow cards and 2 red – 30 points.

Karl Henry has only one red card

Arsenal are on 20th place with 23 yellow cards and 4 red – 35 points.

Koncielsky has two red cards so far and he is at the top of the bad guys list

So the facts actually shows that it is Arsenal FC that is the worst team in the Premier League when it comes to breaking the rules and playing dirty.

If you don’t believe me look at the official disciplinary table HERE. I hope that settles this misunderstanding and I hope that the Wolves team will come out of this encounter without injuries.

So watch out for dirty play, lads in Old Gold and Black!



~ by paddytheflea on November 10, 2010.

9 Responses to “Wolves v Arsenal – Devils v Angels?”

  1. It would help if you knew the player’s name, dumbass. Disciplinary table doesn’t show if one plays dirty, so again you show your football knowledge is very limited..much like the footballing ability of your team

    • Simple facts, stats do not lie – you are the dumbass!! Fabregas should have been sent off tonight, dirty dago

      • Why don’t you take a look at the amount of bad tackels rather than just the number of cards! The amount of cards hardly show the real displine of the players do they? Didn’t Karl Henry break Zamora’s leg without even getting a yellow card? If you look at it objectively the 2 red card Koscielny recevied are very harsh, especially the last one, if it was a card at all! But then again, I guess if it’ll help if Wenger isn’t French!

      • Exactly, Shagx, the tackle of Henry on Zamora was totally o-k, not an offense and not dirty. Part of the game and Zamora was unlucky to get injured. The game got rules to prevent injuries because of dirty play, but the rules cannot prevent accidents to happen.

        I published this rather crude measurement, I agree, just to show that the by many perceived notion of Wolves as the dirtiest team in the PL is totally wrong. And you are percieved as a team that are totally clean from foul play, which is also wrong.

        Tackles is part of the game and sometimes the players get them wrong, but there are only a very few players in the PL that are dirty and there are non of them in Arsenal – nor in Wolves. It’s a construction of the media that Wolves or Karl Henry play dirty. That was what I really wanted to show and prove with my article. Not that you play dirty.

  2. Fantastic performance tonight – though Arsenal were playing in Gold & Black at times! Just one gripe – why only bring SEB on for the last 10 minutes? Will always wonder what might have been had he been given 30 minutes.

    • Kind of agree, Chris, but don’t forget that we played very well around the hour mark and looked to score about then.

  3. True – but actually came closest to scoring several times in the last 10 minutes after SEB was on. Coincidence?

  4. Thinking about it I am a bit worried about MM’s comment regarding the Fabregas tackle. All very well to say it’s a man’s game and wasn’t deliberate but if the ref had applied the rules as they stand it should have been a red card. Now imagine if he’s giving our players the same message in the dressing room. Doesn’t matter if he aggrees with the rules or not, if players fly in feet first as things stand they will get booked or sent off.

    • I’m not at all worried about that, Chris. Every player knows the rules about that. It’s just in the heat of a game that players can make mistakes or be late when they go in close. It could happen to anybody and it doesn’t happen more often to Wolves players than others.

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