Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Bolton

Hopes are up high in both Wolverhampton and Bolton ahead of this game. Bolton resides on sixth spot in the league, while Wolves are next to last, but we have heads up high anyway.

This is of course because we have played the last four against the big four – and the team has done it terrific. Now everybody expects an easier period with seven winnables to follow.

But as I wrote previous today (HERE) we should not expect too much of the seven games to come. I fully expect Wolves having to fight hard this season aswell to avoid relegation.

Wolves young player Mark Davies signed for Bolton about two years ago, but have found it hard to get playing time for the club. He is yet to play from start this season in the league and that tells us that Bolton have a very good midfield.

The results also reveals this, with only two defeats – against Arsenal and Liverpool. Bolton play a straight 4-4-2 with Elmander and Kevin Davies upfront.

But Elmander was substituted on Wednesday with a virus and his replacement Klasnic scored when coming on, so my guess is that the latter will play from start.

The team is well settled in both the back four and the midfield, but Steinsson at right back is suspended this game (I believe he is lucky not having to take Jarvis on) 😆 and will be replaced with Rickets.

What about Wolves, then. Well. If it’s not time for Wolves to play a 4-4-2 now, it will never be. We are at home and the opponent is playing that formation, so I believe that Mick will go for it.

But will he dare to rest Doyle and play Ebanks-Blake and Fletcher or will he let Doyle pair up with any of the two? I think he will opt for Doyle and Ebanks-Blake. They are the in form strikers at the moment and the best we’ve got.

In midfield Mancienne did not play well Wednesday. But we only need four, so the natural thing would be to play Henry and Milijas with Jarvis and Hunt on the flanks. But I’m not so sure. Maybe McCarthy will opt to rest Milijas and play Jones with Henry instead. And maybe he will rest Hunt for Van Damme aswell?!

The back four were quite settled. Craddock is on his way back, but he needs a reserve game before his fit to play in the league. Stearman did mistakes against Arsenal, but in total he has played very well.

Berra is a certain, but Ward got a cut made by Fabregas and Mick may rest him for Elokobi. Hahnemann is a certain aswell.

So what does the flea think about the result, then? I believe that Bolton is an in form team with some good players. Their usual result away is a draw.

But Wolves are hungry now and wants to show to the Molineux crowd what they can do against a team in their own division. So it’s 3-1 to Wolves – with a brace signed Sylvan Ebanks-Blake!

Let’s look at the lineup, then!



~ by paddytheflea on November 12, 2010.

5 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Bolton”

  1. I expect Mouyokolo to replace Stearman, and Hunt in place of SEB 🙂

  2. I cant see him reverting back to 442. I think that mic would like to play that formation, but won’t do so, as he is afraid of loosing more games to teams we should get something out of. I believe that he will play the same team that played against arsenal (excluding ward, who will probably be replaced with elokobi, but i wouldnt rule out van damme or zubar slotting into that role). I would also like to add that i believe ward getting injured will be a blessing in disguise, as in my opion he is no where near good enough. Alot of our goals seem to be conseeded from our left side; Park-aginst man u, chamakh-against arsenal, kalou-aginst chelsea, downing-against villa….there are probably more but i just cant recall them. HE SITS OFF HIS MAN SO MUCH, giving premier league wingers space and time!

    • I believe you’re wrong about the formation, evowolf. The way Bolton play will change our way of play to two upfront, I’m sure.
      The left side is a problem, but it could be bent with Elokobi and Van Damme in my opinion. And I agree about your critique of Ward. I believe that the managers of the PL now are very aware of this weakness in the Wolves team and they know how to use it to their advantage.

  3. OK. I streamed that abortion, like a gypsy masochist, knowing our defence was complete shit… and then witness them not disappoint.

    stears puts it in his own net, then elmander danced around our defence like they were plastic drums and at 3 down i poured a drink, switched sky news on and pondered just how fooking thick our manager is.

    I am probably THE broken record of the month, constantly berating Sterman, Ward and Berra, whilst in the same breath praising Doyle, Milijas and Jarvis – and today, good fellows, the proof was there for all to see. Our gems up front are up against it to score more than the clods behind are letting in.

    Jarvis will almost certainly have cemented an Englans spot with todays performance – he was brilliant (again) and deserves every all the plaudits and massive respect for developing into the complete player that we saw today. He also deserves to play for a team that without a Z-list defence and with todays display fresh in everyones mind he must certainly be open to suggestion.

    Well done Jarvis. Back to the drawing board Mick.

    • Might I just add, in defence of the defence, that I thought Moyokolo’s addition leaves room for hope. He and Foley seem to be the only two with a spine, and also, they both know their way to goal. Thought they had a decent game – and look forward to seeing more of Moyokolo and less of Steraman, Berra and Ward.

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