Seven Steps To Heaven?

I fully expected Wolves to be at the bottom of the tables right now, with no points taken against the big teams and a void between us and the other Premier League teams.

But that is not the case. We deservedly managed to grab three points in these four games and Wolves have no gap to the teams above us and even one team below us in the tables,  thanks to Mick and the players.

And the best thing of all is that our team play a wonderful kind of football. An Arsenal fan commented on the net about our team a couple of days ago:

“Fair play to Wolves last night, your team and fans were outstanding. To have more possession than Arsenal is no mean feat. Even Man U and Chelsea never have possession of the ball more than us whenever we play them, so well played.”

Spot on! Last season I was very occupied with Wolves low percentage of possession in their games and wrote that possession is the key to win more games. I stand by that and this season we have a much greater chance to win games as we play on our own terms and create our own chances and – maybe the most important thing of all –  we can limit our opponents to score by not lending them the ball.

And that will surely show on the score-sheets in the matches to come against teams that are more of our equals than the previous teams we have met with.

So it’s upwards and onwards in the tables for Wolves then and Mick McCarthy and the players will finally be able to reap what they have sown?

Well, that’s what is supposed to happen now in theory at least, but we got the reality of another team on the other side of the pitch as well. And these teams want exactly the same thing as we do. They want points.

The upcoming seven fixtures in the league are all winnable – at least on paper. Let’s have a look at how we did against them last season.

  1. Wolves v Bolton – 2-1
  2. Blackpool v Wolves – did not play
  3. Wolves v Sunderland – 2-1
  4. Blackburn v Wolves – 3-1
  5. Wolves v Birmingham – 0-1
  6. West Bromwich v Wolves – did not play
  7. Wolves v Wigan – 0-2

Only six points – but that’s in five of the games.The other two encounters are against teams that played in the Championships last season. If we are positive and count on wins against these teams we could reach 12 points in these seven games. That’s 1.7 points per match.

Will we be pleased with that? I’ve heard fans talking about everything from 15 to 21 points, so I’m not so sure. Probably not.

My guess is that we could get 14 points if we play well. But your guess is probably as good as mine.

But if we look at all 19 matches played after these seven games we would have 1.11 points per match if we take 12 points in these games, The average now is .75 per match (the same as in the last 4 games).

With these 12 points we would probably be out of the bottom three, but not that far from the relegation zone.

My conclusion of this is that it’s not about seven steps to heaven. We will not reach the upper parts of the tables after these games – far from it.

But McCarthy talked about an average of one point a game as a realistic goal last season. If we take a little more than that in these matches we will end up a little bit over that average with half of the season played, and I believe that is what we realistically could hope for.

Dreams are of course a complete other matter. 😆



~ by paddytheflea on November 12, 2010.

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